Healer, The

Healer, The

thought-provoking story about a young man’s transformation from a mundane life to that of a healer and ultimately founder of a new religion.


This is a thought-provoking story about a young man’s transformation from a mundane life to that of a healer and ultimately his starting a new religion. Yet, at the pinnacle of his success, his life is shattered through arrogance and personal tragedy precipitating the painful rebuilding of his new life and new self. The novel delicately mixes in the feminine, intuitive, nurturing side of healing as a series of amazingly insightful women deliver much of the philosophy as well as romance. This book will appeal to anyone who longs for change, seeks to expose themselves to unimaginable possibilities, and get back to the realities of what makes humans happy.


Simon Brown takes us on an intimate journey inside the body and soul of Adam Saunders, the Healer. Experiencing the world through this unique character is exciting, humbling, educational and richly sensory. Not to mention spirit-expanding. I feel moved. ~ Jessica Porter, Author of The Hip Chicks Guide To Macrobiotics

Simon G. Brown’s The Healer will captivate readers by introducing them to a circle of characters whose lives are transformed by their experiences with healing. Its compelling storytelling manages to combine several kinds of tale and in this respect it’s more than just a great novel. The fictional form allows the author to present the history and philosophy of the healing movement in a peculiarly intimate way, with an alternately raw and sensitive mix of emotional and spiritual reflections. Focused around the autobiographical meditations of its central character, The Healer at once tells a love story, a story of growth and transformation, a story about the writing of the story itself, and in the process gives lucid accounts of the philosophy of the healing movement, as well as the practical and emotional pitfalls, false moves and painful revelations it faces at every step of its journey. ~ John William Phillips, Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore and author of Contested Knowledge: A Guide to Critical Theory

Simon weaves a life changing philosophy into a colourful story with interesting characters who share enlightening insights and wisdom. Great read if you want to explore life in more depth. ~ Boy George

"I still cannot conceive what it would be like to turn my mind on to full power. The idea that within me lie hidden secrets that even I am not aware of intrigues me." With these words Adam Saunders embarks on his own journey of self-discovery in Simon Brown's latest book The Healer. The reader is soon pulled in to accompany him as the author deftly weaves through the narrative the beauty and essence of true healing. As the journey continues it volunteers how lifestyle and an open and inquisitive mind can lead the way to healing on every level, and our hero's life unfolds in a dramatic fashion leading to a conclusive and satisfying ending. Ultimately, the message in The Healer's transformation is clear. The answers lie within, and each of us has the power to turn our lives around with every opportunity that comes our way. Magical. Empowering. Motivating. Inspirational. A great read and highly recommended ! ~ Teresa Bulpin, Journalist and writer

Simon Brown
Simon Brown I started macrobiotics in 1980 when challenged by my sister, Melanie to try it for three months. Within weeks I was feeling so much better I...

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