Holding Out for a Hero, Five Steps to Marriage Over 40

Holding Out for a Hero, Five Steps to Marriage Over 40

you can't hurry true love


If you dream of a loving relationship, Holding out for a Hero, Five Steps to Marriage Over 40 is for you.
At 40+ you know what you want. You have a good job, plenty of friends, a great home. You just aren’t meeting the right person to share your life with. There seem to be fewer opportunities. You keep repeating the same patterns.
Join psychologist Lesley Lawson Botez, MSc, herself a 40+ bride, and dozens of couples who share their stories on a five-step journey to relationship bliss. Discover how to get rid of what’s holding you back, the meeting opportunities that work, whether a new relationship is worth pursuing and how to deal with challenges like past baggage.
Packed with exercises, case studies and useful tips, Holding out for a Hero proves that relationship happiness can begin at any age.


This guide to meeting and keeping a partner should not be missed. ~ Helen Arabanos, Author of He's into you... but is his home?

Lesley Lawson Botez
Lesley Lawson Botez Lesley Lawson Botez, MSc, PG Cert, is an English-born writer and psychologist specialized in relationships and bridge building. She is an aw...
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