How To Be Captivating

How To Be Captivating

The ultimate guide to being irresistible.


How do you become successful? What makes all heads turn when you enter the room? What attracts the best clients and even the opposite sex? Being Captivating. Being Captivating makes you an instant magnet to other people, in all areas of life. By learning how to be captivating on all levels, from the inside out, you can make an impact wherever you go, immediately.
Through her Captivating Presence business, Shay Allie has worked with speakers, singers and stage performers on HOW to make an impact and exude their most captivating self. In this book, Shay's friendly and easy-going style ensure that you can apply her captivating techniques to make an impact and shine like the star that you were born to be.
Being Captivating is an insider's guide to what that 'it' factor actually is and how you can create it, own it and become truly captivating.

Shay Allie
Shay Allie Shay Allie is a writer & speaker who loves the stage, style & helping other women to live in a way that reflects the best version of themsel...
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