Human Experience is the Dance of Heaven and Earth, The

Human Experience is the Dance of Heaven and Earth, The

A Call Home to Peace

What if your daily life is not an impediment to realizing the truth of who you are but is actually 'the way in'?


The Human Experience is the Dance of Heaven and Earth is a book about awakening - but it is not your typical book on the subject. Rather than only tell about the process of awakening it also ‘shows’ the process through the inclusion of many practical daily-life examples.
Although the realization of who we are is not a process, the integration of this realization is. Some teachings shy away from the term ‘process’ altogether and other teachings present the process as a self-improvement endeavor - this book does neither.
When we glimpse peace or wholeness or whatever term we happen to use there is a process of integrating this understanding that unfolds. But this is not a process of improving who we are. It is a process of seeing through who we are not and more fully relaxing into who we already are.
So many people are now in various stages of awakening. Some have had glimpses of truth but don’t trust them and others have had glimpses they trust but become confused when conditioned habits pull them. The Human Experience does not leave the readers to fend for themselves.
We are here not only to realize the truth of who we are but to be free enough to actually live it. As our understanding integrates more fully into what we sense and how we express ourselves, this inner harmony then moves out into the world. And when more and more of us come to know and live this harmony, world peace cannot help but unfold.


“The Human Experience” is a fine tuned dance, as Dhyana has aptly named her book. She offers a way to “sense into …” whatever is arising in life’s experience and through this practice effortlessly uncover our Natural State of Being. She has captured and shared something very significant for any aspirant at any stage of awakening. ~ - Elizabeth (MacDonald) Young, Co-Founder and Former Director of AHAM Meditation Retreat and Spiritual Training Center., Reader

THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE tells the story of a resolute and courageous journey toward calm of soul and body. It is an invitation, not a directive. Dhyana Stanley's writing can be uncomfortable along the way as it presses toward the essential, the universal and a far more authentic way of understanding, compassion and ~ Howard Washburn, Former Baptist Pastor and Denominational Executive - Currently Quaker, Reader

This book provides a different perspective on how we, as humans, can live our truth more easily. The concept that we already are everything we are trying to be has been written about many times however, I've never really had anyone nail it in such a way as Dhyana Stanley has in this book. She presents from the perspective of lack. Humans live in a state of lack, we don't even know it MOST of the time. Seeing the lack all the way through was not familiar to me. The AHA moment I experienced however, well, that drove it home and I GOT IT! I had no idea I was living in lack so much. It was so mind blowing - and a bit annoying. After I got over my annoyance with myself, I saw things in a different way and noticed that shifts were happening quickly. I would encourage readers to complete the book, then read it again, practice what you 'get'. It's well worth it. I laughed at times because, I saw myself in some instances and if you can't laugh at yourself, well . . . Then, there were times I thought, wow, that's so obvious, why didn't I see this in this way before? There were a few places I asked, what does this mean? Then an example that clearly spoke to the meaning was presented and it made complete and perfect sense to me. Truly a treasure that I believe would resonate with anyone seeking to be the person they already - this will point out the you you're looking for, in a big way. I highly recommend this book. ~ T Love, Energy Awareness Radio

Dhyana Stanley
Dhyana Stanley Dhyana Stanley, a former Christian missionary, is interested in sharing how the inner affects the outer. She found that attempts to work for...
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