I Am Here

I Am Here

Opening the windows to life and beauty.

Now is the time to open the inner windows of perception and to allow the ecstasy, bliss and passion of creation.


Stepping within the mysteries of perception, we find three interwoven but separate powers of perception: consciousness, awareness and emptiness. Through developing and refining these powers we have the opportunity to enter new ways of living. Empowering, refining and exciting, this book is perfect to all seekers who until now believed that there was little to be found in the one that is seeking. Through these fascinating methods, we find we are able to be not just a human doing, not just a human being, but truly a human living.


This is a profound book to live and work with over a period of time as one deepens one’s spiritual insight into life. The five sections are entitled I Am Here, Consciousness, Awareness, Emptiness and Here Am I, each interwoven with the other. Who am I? What is the meaning of ‘am’ in I am? What does being here entail? Each of these chapters/aspects is summarised right at the beginning and then expanded on throughout the book. The chapters contain a seed line out of which they grow. Here is a sample of the style: ‘Before we were conceived, whether or not we believe in life before birth, there was love. This love was pervading through the plane of divided forms, blending, attracting, and moving male and female, sperm and egg towards collision.’ Here again: ‘Through the need to care for form and preserve it, we can neglect the existence from which form was born, confusing the manifestation for that which is manifesting.’ Now can dissolve as it expands to an eternal dimension behind time. The words in this book are transparent to a deeper mystery for those who can intuit it. Observation of an event is different from awareness of it, its felt sense. Behind all this is stillness and perhaps the potent energy of emptiness. And beyond that is unity. Ultimately, I am here for you. Although dense, there is much food for thought and reflection in these words. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

This is a master text. It is really for the open minded and for those who have already developed a deep capacity for inner exploration and contemplation, especially in the worlds of spiritual healing, nonduality and meditation. Yet with amazing clarity, it opens a map to perception - most importantly, through revealing the difference between consciousness and awareness. This is already revolutionary for meditators, many of whom relate to both as "the same". Johnson even points out certain spiritual-pathological structures, such as depression or narcissism, which can be related to the lack of openness in on area of perception (i.e. lack of emotional intelligence). On exploration, there is really a difference between the mental process of consciousness of consciousness... ( a whole journey leading to liberation from thought) and the feeling or sentient process of awareness of awareness (which she connects to Being - pure awareness) The real genius is in the "Here" - the perception through emptiness which unifies and allows the forms of perception consciousness and awareness. This is book to be read and experienced, piece by piece. In the world of spirituality and nonduality, it is rocket science compared to the glib use of language and abstractions which is presently out there in Neo-Advaita, and the subtle highly dualistic rejection of the world of "form". Here, there are no end-points, but a deeply liberating and empowering exploration of what it is to experientially be here, now. It is clear that the author and her colleagues are bringing forward this teaching out of a real shared process - they rely on no tradition, no guru, no religious text, and they refer to none. It is a direct invitation to the 21st individual to inquire inside, for real, even beyond the belief that consciousness defines who we are. An amazing book, and one that I am sure will prove its worth in time. If you're new to spirituality and meditation, best read the Power of the Now by Tolle first, or watch some Mooji videos. Then move on the I AM HERE to set your ship truly sailing to an inner source beyond the fear of death. ~ Julian, Amazon.co.uk

The table of contents of this in depth psycho-spiritual inquiry reveals the author's understanding of not only that which we desire to become aware of, but that which is in the way of such knowing. With great humility and wisdom, Georgi Johnson leads your way to embracing the play of trinities in Life. The words glow with the consciousness of one who knows transmitting clarity and compassion. I highly recommend this book as a companion to any self-help study, therapy, exploration of consciousness or non-dual inquiry. ~ Anna Pittman, The Breathing Space Yoga, amazon,com

This is one of my favourite books. It gives such a clear window into consciousness and what it means to be a human being. ~ Renate McNay, Conscious TV

A book full of timeless wisdom, straight from the source, which will guide you to a richer and fuller life. ~ Prof. Steve Taylor, Author of Back to Sanity and Out of Darkness.

Georgi Y Johnson
Georgi Y Johnson Spiritual author and teacher Georgi (Georgina Yael Johnson) has been involved with healing, teaching and meditation for most of her life. ...
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