I Am Principle, The

I Am Principle, The

Looking for God is like looking for your own eyes. You find it when you stop looking. You are that.


Are you ready for an adventure with Father Ogada? He is going to tear down everything, and he means everything, until we arrive at nothingness, which he too pulls down. The I Am Principle strips you of everything that is not you by making you realize that there is nothing that is not you: you are the One. You are everything you have ever looked for. You know this the moment you stop looking. This is the ancient secret of the I Am Principle.


Here is a simple and mystical masterpiece which brings readers face to face with the REALITY.




~ Father Raymond Arazu PhD, author of Man Know Thyself

In this book, Father Charles shares his deep spiritual awareness in the subject of Christian non dualism which is now of such great consequence for seekers of Truth.







~ Jack Hawley, PhD, author of The Bhagavad Gita: A Walkthrough for Westerners

There is no question whatsoever, that this is one of the most important books ever written on the subject of the Christian Faith. For the very first time it shines a strong, clear and powerful light on what many Christian’s and others intuitively knew,  but found difficult to prove, that the Lord Jesus Christ was a veritable Non Dualist through and through!




~ Alan Jacobs, President of the Sri Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK.

Charles Ogada
Charles Ogada Charles Ogada was born in Uturu in Abia State, Nigeria. When he was seventeen, he had a profound spiritual transformation which changed the ...
Divine Human, The by John C. Robinson

Divine Human, The

John C. Robinson

Sacred Aging and the achievement of humanity's highest expression of love and purpose: The Divine Human.

Blue Sky God by Don MacGregor

Blue Sky God

Don MacGregor

Quantum consciousness, morphic fields and blue-sky thinking about God and Jesus the Christ

Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace by Noel Moules

Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace

Noel Moules

Christian spirituality with attitude. Fourteen provocative pictures, from Radical Mystic to Messianic Anarchist, that explore identity, destiny, values and activism

Pagan Portals - Celtic Witchcraft by Mabh Savage

Pagan Portals - Celtic Witchcraft

Mabh Savage

Wield winds of wyrd, dive into pools of wisdom; walk side by side with the Tuatha Dé Danann.

God Is A Symbol Of Something True by Jack Call

God Is A Symbol Of Something True

Jack Call

You don't have to choose between a literal creator God or a blind, indifferent universe. Everything is fundamentally all right.

No Faith In Religion by Rt Revd Dr John Saxbee

No Faith In Religion

Rt Revd Dr John Saxbee

Illusion of

Illusion of "Truth", The

Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Nehrer, uniquely aware of Reality’s integrated flow, elucidates Jesus’ penetrating, often mystifying insights – exposing widespread religious, scholarly and skeptical fallacy.

Flaw in the Universe, The by Adrian Hough

Flaw in the Universe, The

Adrian Hough

Natural disasters and human suffering imply the universe is flawed. However, combining scientific and religious explanations produces a remarkable conclusion.

Wisdom from the Christian Mystics  by David Torkington

Wisdom from the Christian Mystics

David Torkington

A unique blend of Biblical Spirituality and Mystical Theology told with refreshing simplicity and riveting narrative.

There Once Was a Serpent by Richard Kieckhefer

There Once Was a Serpent

Richard Kieckhefer

A cycle of 74 limericks, with commentary, traces the history of theology from the early Church into the modern era.

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