I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For

I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For

God for Agnostics


Christianity is dying in the West. You might regret this, or rejoice in it. But it's usually a mistake to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The fact is that Christianity with its myths, stories and doctrines has shaped our culture, the way we think and act. If we get rid of it we could end up with something worse. But while traditional understandings of these things may not be credible perhaps they can still speak to us in a different way. Perhaps they point to something which we can still sense. Something we need in our lives. Something not just to make us decent, or responsible, but happy and fulfilled.

Paul Walker does not give answers, but rejoices in the search. Put this book alongside those on Buddhism, meditation and self-help as a Christian perspective on the human search to understand what we're doing here.


Sets out to make his case by way of searching and exploration rather than by way of answers. He concludes-and many will agree with him- that the message of jesus remains one of the most inspiring messages in the history of the world and that the key themes of Christianity are valuable in helping make sense of it. A book for seekers at the margins of the church. ~ , Network Review

Here is a book that presents a true agnosticism, not a trite apology for an indifference to the question of God (as so many modern agnostic expressions are) but an enquiry that is engaging and transforming. Walker's personal testimony confronts contemporary Christianity and finds much of it wanting. His response, however, is not to give up on the Christian search for meaning but to seek to find a continuing value in the process, regardless of how difficult or uncomfortable the journey may be. Walker doesn't operate at the margins of faith, he considers the big issues; the meaning of life; the existence of God; the nature of Jesus and the authority of the Bible among them. The vision he articulates, whilst remaining personal is, I suspect, just about the only position that any thinking twenty-first century Christian could arrive at. We must seek God in the elusive moments of transcendence that occasionally overtake us, not in ancient mythology or the expectation of miracle. We must find Jesus in his message of love, compassion and social justice rather than in the theological embellishments of later centuries. And in the Bible we should find inspiration in the story of the search for God that an entire society embarked upon, not see it as some bizarre divine and unchanging ethical code. I would contend that I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For represents almost the only future for Christianity that will allow it to remain relevant and purposeful. For that reason alone it deserves a wide readership, both in the Christian community and beyond. ~ Trevor Greenfield, Author of An Introduction to Radical Theology

A clarion call to make our faith accessible today. ~ , Faith and Freedom

Stimulating and challenging. walker is despairing, hopeful, sceptical, passionate and at times hard-hitting. He gives a sincere and honest account of his personal search for God and meaning while staying within the institutional church. It is not a comfortable book. Neither is Jesus' message. ~ , De Numine

Paul Walker
Paul Walker Paul Walker is a Church of England minister, a successful church planter and Times Preacher of the Year. He now works as a hospital chaplain...
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Christian Middle Way, The by Robert M. Ellis

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