Inhabiting Heaven NOW

Inhabiting Heaven NOW

The Answer to Every Moral Dilemma Ever Posed

If you knew your essential core nature to be divine, who would you be? Where would you live?


Heaven. We say the word with both a hope of long-awaited bliss and a certain but wistful knowledge that the wait will continue. Life is hard, we say, and the world will end with a whimper or a bang by the hands of blind and evil humans.
But then there's heaven.
Yet, what if heaven could be experienced every day right here, right now on planet earth - and the only thing that keeps that from happening is the lie. The lie that we are separate from the Divine due to our polarized sinful, bad, even evil natures. What if, because we are blinded by that lie, we cannot see that we are already living in heaven, in fact, we ARE heaven? And what if those truths could actually be found in the Bible itself, as well as in all of the other sacred texts of the world? What if all that really needs to happen is that the scales fall off of our eyes? If that were true - would you be willing to see?
Inhabiting Heaven NOW offers such a brilliant, transformative light that you will not be able, after the read, to turn it off. Its arguments are so lucid, its truths so profound, and its simultaneous practicality so real that the reader simply cannot walk away unchanged.


Andrea Mathews writes eloquently in her new book Inhabiting Heaven NOW about how we can de-code some of the morals that have been imposed on us throughout history. Spiritual growth is a natural yearning, and this book shows us that we can find our own spiritual strength within, a strength we can call on and rely on no matter what dilemmas come our way. A compelling, and worthwhile read! ~ Lissa Coffey, author: What’s Your Dharma? Discover the Vedic Way to Your Life’s Purpose

If you are ready to rid yourself of the burdens imposed by the morals and belief structures you inherited from birth, and ditch the fear and hesitation that hold you back, Inhabiting Heaven NOW is your book—a wonderful template for greater joy and fulfillment. ~ Larry Dossey, MD, Author: REINVENTING MEDICINE and THE POWER OF PREMONITIONS

Andrea Mathews hits the crux of where every human being on the planet must go if their world and the world is to change. Meaning is crucial to the journey of the soul and the catalyst for becoming sacred spiritual human activists for change. ~ Simran Singh, Publisher of Award Winning 11:11 Magazine & Syndicated 11:11 Talk Radio Host

Inhabiting Heaven NOW is a thought provoking book that had me nodding my head and realizing some of my own unconscious habits. Readers will find true freedom in these pages as they uncover and debunk some closely held unconscious beliefs, codes and ways of being. Mathews offers us a new liberating code to live by—one that throws judgment out the window and offers us a vision for embracing our personal power. Her insights into the Bible, "evil," and the nature of power are edifying and offer much to think about—a great book club pick, since it is ripe for discussions. ~ Lisa Tener, award-winning book coach,

Andrea Mathews’s Inhabiting Heaven Now will come to many as a gift. For those who are trapped in feelings of guilt, ought and should—in other words, for most of us—Inhabiting Heaven Now shows a way out of the cul de sac that is our unquenchable moral code. Most of us live our lives circumscribed by rules: we should not be selfish, we should not sleep around, we should not curse or spit or smoke or dance naked in the square. And because we carry these codes, given us by our parents or religions or society, we suffer. We are not worthy, we are not good enough, unless we ______, well, fill in the blank. And so we live lives of quiet desperation, caught forever between “I am worthy” and “I am not good enough.” What Andrea shows, in very readable prose, is that the problem is not us, it’s in our assumption that there is a wrong and a right, that there is a right way to be, if only. The problem is not us, it’s in the very split in how we think: good and evil, right and wrong. What if, just what if, we are worthy because we are here, she asks? “What if our worthiness does not depend on following or not following the rules? What if, like our pet cat or dog, we are loved and considered beautiful and worthy, because we are, we just are.” It is the mystic’s journey to which she beckons, the journey within, that is neither good nor evil but beyond that very split. It is to a new kind of life, a new level of living, that she invites and teaches, a level that is large enough to welcome both good and evil, and to be strong enough to naturally tap into that which enhances life, ours and others. It is to that place inside that, without the cold and lifeless split that is our defined right and wrong, can guide us to do that which is right for us, for others and for the world. It is to that place of mystery that she points, a place which is not externally defined yet leads us to what is authentically and naturally right. Andrea Mathews’s Inhabiting Heaven Now will come to many as a gift. ~ Robert Forman, author of Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be

Inhabiting Heaven is a feast for heart, mind, and soul. It shows Andrea Mathews’ signature understanding of how our fears limit our vision and our lives. Her arguments for a more compassionate world—a way to inhabit heaven while still on Earth—are intellectually stimulating and compelling. This is a book to read, to reread, to savor and to cherish. ~ Carol Marleigh Kline, author of Streetwise Spirituality: 28 Days to Inner Fitness and Everyday Enlightenment

Andrea Mathews
Andrea Mathews With over 20 years of research into the mystery of the human journey, and over 30 years of clinical experience, the last fifteen of which ha...
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