Knock Knock, Who's God?

Knock Knock, Who's God?

The fastest way to the deepest truths, via crisp conversations about life, death and God.


The fastest way to deeper truths, through crisp conversations about life, death and God. Life as short as it gets. 

A philosophical page turner that grips readers with its simplicity and surprise. Bite-sized revelations about God, the universe and everything. Scores of snappy conversations provide sound-bites to die for.

The profound truths of the wisdom traditions are presented as fireside chats in a playful treatment of life and death. The most extraordinary ideas in the most ordinary form: a conversation. Theres a truth waiting to leap off every page. A truth you can choose. Its ready, are you?

Listening to the dialogue in will stimulate the most important conversation of your life. So "Knock, Knock, Whos God?" 

Nigel Linacre
Nigel Linacre Nigel is the co-founder of Extraordinary Leadership, LeadNow, Lead-Direct and Titles include Why You Are Here - Briefly, Rec...

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