Leap to Freedom

Leap to Freedom

Healing Quantum Guilt

Finally revealing the hidden core guilt and taking a quantum leap of awareness to true joy, freedom and love.


Whether we are rich or poor, religious, agnostic or atheist, we all suffer because of our unconscious belief in sin and guilt, both of which lie at the core of all our decisions and actions. But what if everything we’ve been taught about sin, and the need to feel guilt, has been a lie? The purpose of this book is to offer a way out from this limited and debilitating belief that we’ve blindly accepted, by exploring how and why sin and guilt are illusions. What if we no longer have to live in fear of suffering and eternal damnation, or be plagued by constant nagging doubt or unworthiness brought on by the beliefs in sin and guilt? What if, instead, we could live every moment in the state of love and peace, and thereby be better able to fulfill our true purpose?


This book is the ideal antidote for eradicating unnecessary mental suffering which has been caused through illusions of sin and guilt. Through real-life incidents, the author has presented various facets of guilt, and how it has undermined our lives, our very existence. With the aid of quotes from our ancient masters, along with the assistance of science and spirituality,she has enabled us to come in touch with the deepest truth of our identity and to awaken our consciousness. ~ East and West Series, Vol 38. Issue 12. December 2013

Healing Difficult Relationships! A Masterful, Insightful and Practical Work! When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This was my experience with Devrah Laval’s book, “Leap to Freedom - Healing Quantum Guilt.” I was having great difficulty with a challenging relationship and had a dream such guidance would come to assist me, the very night prior to being introduced to this book. Complete with similar guiding synchronistic and visionary experiences in her own life, Devrah Laval has written a masterful work, the first I have seen so eloquently applying the complex teachings of “A Course in Miracles” to relationships, while weaving in the latest findings integrating science and spirituality. Whether thoroughly familiar with the teachings of “ACIM” as I was, or if this is your first introduction, Devrah’s insightful personal examples of how to apply these concepts go far beyond ACIM in terms of practical application in our most challenging relationship situations. Expanding the general principle that our reality and the responses of others are but projections of our unconscious thought processes and wounds in need of healing, Devrah skillfully provides instruction as to how to correct our thinking, not just to forgive those we feel have harmed us, through negativity or emotional or other abuse, but to acknowledge the self-creating nature of such experiences has but one underlying cause, our unconscious guilt with the illusory notion we are separated from God and each other. Devrah describes healing this guilt as a natural process, when “the jig is up” and we relinquish the chains of the ego holding us bound to these perceptual illusions of separation. The examples Devrah courageously provides in her own life with healing a difficult parental relationship were like a mirror reflection of the issues I was facing in my own relationship. Once I comprehended the point that "we seek out our own vampires” to voice the unconscious doubts and fear we are repeating and harboring within ourselves, then it became a matter of course to forgive the repeated illusory crimes that in effect were never committed, because the “me versus them” mentality is missing the point that we create our own reality for our learning and growth. The only person we can ever really change in relationships is ourselves. Yet Devrah Laval demonstrates how to skillfully make those changes in such a way that improves our whole reality and the responses of others, since their behavior is but a mirror reflection of what emerges from within us in the first place. Once forgiven, the most challenging feedback from such difficult relationships may provide a basis for new self-knowledge and development on the path to our own healing and enlightenment. Congratulations to Devrah Laval for such a masterful, insightful and eminently practical work! For the rest, don't miss "Leap to Freedom - Healing Quantum Guilt!" ~ Bruce Anderson, Amazon.com

What an amazing book! Devrah Laval has created a work that has the characteristic of being so fantastic it is unbelievable. Guilt is at the root of all our sorrow and pain and yet she forwards the sweet hope that deep inside each of us, we are sinless and guilt is nothing more than the churn of control exercised by the ego. Rarely do words ring so true; so hopeful and so inspiring! Two themes run throughout the book that are like a desert spring bursting with life. First is that "We are not our bodies or our personalities." Devrah points to a "God Self" that guilt separates us from by convincing us that our egos and bodies are what must be satisfied in this life and the failure to do so makes us sinful. The second theme is that "If it isn't love - it isn't real." In other words, love is the way to freedom from guilt and any ego constructed idea that we are separate from all that is. Love is the ultimate "reality" we all seek! What a beautiful, liberating message! Devrah's words are poignant and rich with meaning and the sharing of her own life experiences adds resonance to them. They not only "ring" true but they penetrate deeply into the inner world of awareness our guilt has buried. She lovingly shows us who we are and guides us to a place of light where we can all "Leap to Freedom." I am deeply moved. ~ Carl Bozeman, Author of the Amazon Bestseller: On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose

Devrah dissects the deepest origins of guilt and unravels the only permanent solution. Through real-life examples we discover the many faces of guilt and come to realize how it has undermined our lives. This book is a comforting companion to anyone who has felt the pain of not being good enough or believed they did something wrong, but it is also a journey of discovering the spiritual solution to guilt that is our gateway to freedom. ~ JONATHAN PARKER Ph. D., Author

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant. It is so rare for there to be a book that simply shows what the deepest truth is regarding who we are, and the illusion of the world that we get trapped in. Devrah Laval has succeeded in creating a leading edge book that translates the process of awakening our consciousness in a way that we can all understand. I recommend this to anyone who is questioning who they are and the role that guilt plays in keeping us immobilized, both individually and collectively. ~ ANJALI HILL, International Seminar Leader

Devrah Laval’s Leap to Freedom takes guilt and turns it inside out and upside down – and all for the better. With profound insight and honesty, Devrah deftly weaves a new tale for the age-old story on guilt. Shaped by Devrah’s own experiences, innate knowledge and profound understanding, Leap to Freedom guides readers to new perspectives. Using historical, spiritual and scientific references, Devrah allows readers to understand, distil, and transform this thing called guilt. Once the new story on guilt settles in, readers can disown any guilt they had presumed was their own. ~ DEE WILLOCK, Author of Falling Into Easy: Help For Those Who Can’t Meditate

Leap to Freedom offers gorgeous wisdom and simple tools that assist in transcending the complex and screwball beliefs currently messing with our authentic self. Devrah recounts personal experiences to exemplify dark modes of thinking and magically turns a mood into a lighthouse, guiding us toward clear thinking and profound grace. Guilt, when examined under the microscope of Devrah's investigation is seen for what it is: a mournful, and inappropriate nagging waste of time. Leap to Freedom is one of the strangest reads I've ever had: painfully funny, but at times sad and frightening. While inside the pages, I became aware of how pervasive is guilt's mischief. Devrah's fortunate readers will need a little courage in order to activate the tools, but with the help of quotes from our ancient masters and Devrah's ability to present her modern day knowledge, you'll soon discover Leap to Freedom is a beautiful, accessible read, and ultimately a celebration of life. ~ GLYNIS DAVIES, Writer/Actor

“Leap to Freedom” is an engaging and captivating look at the cycles of shame and guilt that define us as individuals, as communities and even as entire countries. Devrah Laval brings powerful insights into the realm of Oneness Consciousness, as it relates to guilt. She brings heart and compassion to the science behind this illusion of reality, and gives both seasoned and novice seekers an entirely new perspective on the role of guilt in shaping our lives. ~ S. YOUNG, Interiror Designer

Devrah Laval
Devrah Laval Once a dancer, and model; touted in the media as a “goddess revolutionizing fitness;” courted by television producers in Canada and the ...
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