Letters Across Time

Letters Across Time

A journey of enlightenment

This book changes lives...it is full of wisdom and gentle grace...your pathway to a richer, more fulfilling life.


Letters Across Time is an anthology of modern work and personal life that will open up deep insights into how to realise your fullest potential and achieve your life’s purpose. It provides practical suggestions to enable you to improve the richness and quality of your life, yet it allows you to find your own pathway. Through the use of an irresistible story of a family of ducks – their trials, tribulations and life achievements, Letters Across Time empowers you to realise your own self-worth and apply that to your chosen vocation, family, community and workplaces in which you live and prosper.


If, like many poets and writers of literary esteem you have a penchant for DUCKS so often referred to as 'comical and quaint' you will find aspects of this book engaging. Stephen Chong a seasoned motivator and life coach has blended imagination, philosophy and aspects of his own life experience in this his third book for the shelves and use of individuals and others in his profession. It is not simply an inspirational text for awakening it is an enabling book of 19 chapters designed to build confidence and perspective awareness. Basically 'Letters Across Time: A Journey of Enlightenment' has four strand components. They are the Duck narrative; stories drawn from many various spiritual traditions; Chong's own perspective and perceptions with allied exercises; and reference material from other authors. He also draws on aspects of his former two volumes 'The Book of Testaments' and 'The Music of the Soul'. The Duck story is the pivotal one. Yes, I did say Ducks-and these ducks with names like Gabriel, Monique, Alfred and Barnabas are characters that have a remarkable life at Clanad Pond. Using fables, abstract lessons and exercises Chong moves into the dimension of universal wisdom through the eyes of these characters, so this journey of enlightenment has a different take to other motivational books. At the heart of the story is the wondrous Book of Mysteries, a book of discovery and a monumental Duck heritage passed down by Grandfather Alfred Duck for all his kind for all generations. Heroine duck Monique has just lost her father Benjamin an honoured hero who built a library to house the great treasure. There is great consternation when the Book of Mysteries goes missing and it is Monique who sets out on a pathway to truth, to solve a crime. A gentle compassionate Gabriel is her ally and later the love of her life. The murder of dubious character Horatio, and the plot which follows as Firebrand preacher Master Vladimir and the brotherhood of Ecumenical Light enter the pages make for engaging reading. The book title meaning is also revealed. Possibly a few more subtle ducky type phrases would enhance the pond world lifestyle depicted and would also assist readers to retain the visual character images evoked. In his enthusiasm this widely read and generously spirited author has included so much in the four strand blend offered that clearer definition of the sections presented would aid readers. Simple consistent customised headings for each would better serve readers enabling them to become familiar and prepare mindfully for rapid changes from narrative to nonfiction. Chong has had valuable experience tutoring group sessions so he has a deft handle on structures and strategies that can be employed. It is no surprise that the manuscript as it stands at present with its set chapters of the continuous duck storyline followed by reflections and exercises lends itself to a tutor led workshop series. However, for individual readers the complete duck story in its entirety followed by an appendix of exercises may be more welcome and valuable. The traditional art of storytelling is both a popular and powerful teaching tool on both practical and metaphysical levels. This author has integrated his own original stories, others from established writers and selections from texts of various traditions. They provide a means of applying tenets and teachings to chapters which cover cause and effect, detachment, free will, goal setting and handling relationships in all situations. The duck narrative and allied stories are easily accessible and told in relaxed style which works well. They are written in a concise manner whilst some of the the other text could be heavily pruned and tightened. In several instances omissions could be made to reduce wordage. (The lengthy first paragraph of Chapter 9 could be omitted to lead straight into the third one without any detriment to the subject covered.) In his extensive study Chong has included countless references to notable writers including E.Kubler-Ross, V.E. Frankl, B. Griffiths, S.Rinpoche, and the five books by N.D. Walsch. All are currently acknowledged and indexed. He also sites web sources such as http://teenagebrain.blogspot.com/ The Teenage Brain, accessed 6 may 2011. Any student reader or listener who follows Monique Duck's journey to enlightenment will be enriched. I am sure this story will have spin-off in countless ways and those who participate in the allied wisdom offered will have found the journey worthwhile. ~ Hazel Menehira FTCL, Author & Book Reviewer

Stephen Chong's new book, Letters Across Time, is a testament to his writing style and to his sense of the spiritual... Good reading for the new-age reader or just for those who are interested in the higher dimensions of life. ~ Graham Nicholson, Hidden Words Bookshop

Chong, in "Letters Across Time" shows yet again, that he is an inspirational writer who knows how to move and enable the reader and how to leave the world a better place. ~ Letizia C. De Rosa, Director of Book Creators Circle & Author

This latest work by Stephen Chong "Letters Across Time: A journey of enlightenment" is very special and beautifully written! Love and wisdom beam off the pages. Through the medium of story-telling and the delightful duck-pond tales Chong encourages us to reach across time to delve deeper into ourselves and our own Book of Mysteries. This work is both timely as it is providential. Enjoy it! It's refreshing and exciting. ~ Ancilla Fasiola BOccThy , Queensland Health

Stephen Paul Chong
Stephen Paul Chong Stephen Chong M.Ed. is a highly sought-after professional development coach, keynote speaker and author, and he shares his passion for life ...
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