Life Cycle and Other New Poems 2006 - 2016

Life Cycle and Other New Poems 2006 - 2016

New poems by a Universalist poet on the human path and condition, scientific understanding of the universe, Europe and body-spirit.


Nicholas Hagger’s Collected Poems contained 30 volumes of his poems that reflect his quest for the One. Life Cycle and Other New Poems contains volumes 31-34 and presents the vision of unity to which his quest has led.
‘Life Cycle’ is a reflection on the path and pattern in our lives, and on twelve seven-year ages from infancy to advanced old age. 'In Harmony with the Universe' presents poems on the soul’s harmony and oneness with Nature. 'An Unsung Laureate' focuses on public events and the conflicts within Western society. 'Adventures in Paradise' recounts journeys to remote places that have echoes of Paradise, including the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica - and reflections on evolution and global warming.
Hagger derives his inspiration from the 17th-century Metaphysical poets and seeks to unite the later Augustan and Romantic traditions. These poems reconcile the soul’s harmony with the universe and the conflicts in public life, and are within the poetic tradition of Wordsworth and Tennyson. They add significantly to Collected Poems, Classical Odes and Hagger’s two poetic epics, Overlord and Armageddon, also published by O-Books (the manuscripts and papers for which are held in the Albert Sloman Library at the University of Essex). They carry forward his Universalist approach to poetry which unveils an ordered universe behind the apparent chaos of world events.


How much William James would have supported all those who value the quality and range of a truly comprehensive modern awareness as Nicholas Hagger does. ~ Sir Laurens van der Post

Praise for The Light of Civilization: An extraordinary book. ~ David Gascoyne

Brilliant! ~ Nexus

The scope of Hagger’s book is immense. Universalism is a call to a philosopher to abandon the specialisms (in particular logic and language) and to attempt, once again, the kind of Grand Unified Theory of Everything that has marked the discipline from the beginning. Universalism has the potentiality to be as potent a movement in the 21st century as Existentialism was in the post-war world. ~ Christopher Macann, Lecturer in philosophy at the University of Bordeaux, author of Being and Becoming

In this magisterial work Nicholas Hagger unites the rational and intuitive strands of Western philosophy in the light of the latest findings from physics, cosmology, biology, ecology and psychology. His in-depth exposition of these sciences and their philosophical implications is breathtaking in scope and detail and fully justifies his declaration of a Metaphysical Revolution, which also has profound consequences for our understanding of world affairs. This is one of the most important philosophical books to appear since Whiteheads "Process and Reality" eighty years ago and deserves the widest possible readership. A stupendous achievement. ~ David Lorimer, Programme Director, Scientific and Medical Network

He hits a pace, a tilt, that really carries the reader along...Everything comes as a subordinate clause to his dramatic momentum, a hand waving out of the express train window. ~ Ted Hughes, Poet Laureate

His poetic felicities include a poetic mix of Eliot, Pound and Blake; the judicious invention of his own psychological terms to guide his progress; an unafraid nakedness, linked to philosophic and scientific adventurousness; genuine visionary leanings and occasional lyric beauty. ~ Sebastian Barker, Past chairman of The Poetry Society

Nicholas Hagger writes with a rare intellectual passion. ~ Sir Laurens van der Post

Nicholas Hagger
Nicholas Hagger Nicholas Hagger is a poet, man of letters, cultural historian and philosopher. He has lectured in English Literature at the University of Ba...

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