Life Is Eternal Newness

Life Is Eternal Newness

Eckhart Tolle with a poetic twist; Kahlil Gibran meets Krishnamurti. This is a practical book about meditation and enlightenment. 


A practical book on meditation and enlightenment, a must read for any spritual seeker. A less rational and more poetic Eckhart Tolle; Kahlil Gibran meets Krishnamurti.

Ilie Cioaras message is original and unique, as he never travelled to India and never belonged to any traditional school. By practising the silence of the mind, through an all-encompassing attention, we discover and fulfill our innermost potential of becoming one with the divine spark that lies dormant within us.


This is a major contribution to modern mystical literature. It is a collection of poems intended to lyrically guide spiritual seekers through the delusions of the “ego” into true silence and attentiveness. Cioara was an Eastern European mystic who followed a solitary path to enlightenment. He tells readers that the mind cannot figure out enlightenment, nor can enlightenment be taught. It is only through surrender to the constant movement of life that one discovers Divine Love. Consider displaying this one with books by Eckhart Tolle, Krishnamurti, Teresa of Avila, Brother Lawrence, and St. John of the Cross. ~ Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight

"The newest offering from Ilie Cioara and Petrica Verdes, Life is Eternal Newness, keeps the promise of clarity and love that was made in the first three books of this mystical poet's series. Ilie tells us over and over that seeing this truth for ourselves is all that counts. He asks us to simply use these words to cross the gap and then to let them fall and melt away like snowflakes on warm ground. It’s good advice. If you are looking for a bridge, look no further. It is in your hand right now. Ilie Cioara sings like an angel, calling us Home; his heart is on every page. Ilie’s poetry actually guides us toward that Light. It is beautiful, lyrical, and deeply moving. Petrica Verdes is a gifted translator and an artist; he paints with the master’s words and his canvas is spaciousness itself." ~ Fred Davis, Awakening Clarity

Life is Eternal Newness....this work by Ilie Cioara, who was an enlightened mystic from Eastern Europe, is his third published book . It is magnificent in its poetic imagery and rhythm which takes the mind straight into the heart of what it means to be alive...the boundlessness and freedom and eternal newness that is our inherent nature. Ilie talks to us about who we are and what we are, in a way that is so charged with enlightened energy, that it jars us out of our habitual ways of thinking and believing and opens us to the possibilities of living life in the recognition of our unlimited nature. He opens our minds to the possibility that the universe is limitless and that the universe, is what we are, an undivided whole teeming with brilliance, joy, compassion and love. This opening of our minds, is truly the flowering of enlightenment, something he deeply wanted to share with others. One can actually feel his wondrous presence while we read his words, almost as if he is guiding us to discover what he had so many years ago. I particularly loved his description of what happens when our bodily form passes away. I have never read such a detailed description of what we can expect when the body is no more. This book is a transmission, an initiation into our deepest most profound nature. I trust your heart will open to the vastness of joy and loveliness that lies at the core of all life, through the potency of this exquisite work. This book will go down in history as one of the greatest transformational works of all time. I am so grateful it made its way into my arms and into my heart. ~ Rosemary Cochran, California, USA

“This work stands independently of ancient traditions, well known sages, and the current nonduality scene. That is refreshing. This, and Cioara's other works, are among the finest books on nondual consciousness.“ ~ Jerry Katz,

“Ilie Cioara can be compared to just a few: Rumi, Tolle but he actually is beyond what they have written in his simplicity of explanation and the experience of the poetry puts him in category by himself.” ~ Lee Petersen, The Way of Consciousness Radio Show

"The Light of Consciousness that comes through Ilie Cioara's truly inspired words in this work is both illuminating and transformative. Page after page, Cioara reveals - through poetry and prose - the deeper dimension within us all and how we are empowered by recognizing or knowing our oneness with Infinite Boundlessness while yet engaging in the mundane activities of our daily life. This is a “spirit-guide” that the reader will benefit most from if he or she savors each line, each verse and each paragraph." ~ Peter Stafford Sumner, The Seer

Ilie Cioara was a highly celebrated Self Realised Mystic, whose renowned series of books on Non Dualism are remarkable for their clarity and poetic depth of vision. He follows in the lines of the great Indian and European Sages such as Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle and J. Krishnamurti. Most of his easy to read short chapters, especially the one entitled 'Life After the So Called Death", contain beautiful passages of exquisitely inspired mystical poetry. Another highly original Chapter called 'The Earthquake', is based on the Author's actual experience of three of these highly traumatic events, and is full of surprisingly original observations. I strongly recommend this most enlightening book which has been beautifully translated by Petrica Verdes, and is another major addition to this important genre of divinely inspired spiritual literature especially designed to enlighten the reader, and bring him or her to the actual point of Self Realisation. ~ Alan Jacobs, President of the Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK

"Life Is Eternal Newness is a terrific gem of a book that will reward repeated readings. Comparisons to Krishnamurti, Kahlil Gibran, and Eckhart Tolle are accurate, and readers will find that Ilie Cioara also illuminates a path toward spirituality and enlightenment. Even better, Life Is Eternal Newness is remarkably free of cant or dogma, and turns conventional ideas about spiritual growth on its head. This short little book is really a set of remarkable poems, each followed by an exegesis. The poems are brilliant, and are designed to activate consciousness. They both illuminate and point the way toward a variety of spiritual experiences. The keys to all of these experiences are Meditation and Attention, but neither are in the old form you might expect. By focusing a keen attention on the moment one can feel the old fears, mental chatter and distractions of the ego fall away. By paying attention and enhancing listening, one can enter new realms of creativity, love, and more. The author's descriptions of connecting to the Source a state of Truth, Love, and Wisdom are just remarkable and Life Is Eternal Newness is worth reading over and over again." ~ Cheryl Shainmark, Merlian News

This is the third book I have reviewed in this series by this enlightened mystic. As with previous volumes, the format is one of poems followed by commentary. Each presents a slightly different aspect of the journey towards self-knowledge in a life that is continually unfolding - hence the title. The book is best read as a series of meditations and a way of entering the flow. Meditation is defined as the melting of our being into the wholeness of Life at the same time as being one with the rhythm of the universe and its natural vibration. This means living in the present, in the now, in a state of non-separation. One poem concerns life after so-called death, and provides a remarkable commentary and summary of the various phases and planes. We gradually realise more fully the Divine within us, experiencing it as Life and Love, perceiving only Oneness, attentive and still. ~ David Lorimer, Programme Director, Editor, Network Review

And if you like Rumi you are in for a wonderful read. As this review requires more words, I repeat. If you like Rumi you are in for a wonderful read. This book of poetry is an unusual find. ~ Non De Plume, Amazon review

So many books offer new methods or skills for the reader to explore and develop thus adding yet another layer to our already overburdened egoic self.  Ilie Cioara offers a simpler, more direct method of pointing the reader towards abandoning that which we are not. As we leave the thoughts, ideas, and actions which hamper our true self the result is our pure essence, unbound from the binding shackles of of ego. Here we find the happiness and freedom of our true nature. ~ Larry Coble, North Carolina, USA

Ilie Cioara
Ilie Cioara Ilie Cioara was an enlightened mystic who lived in Eastern Europe. His writings in 16 books describe the experience of meditation and enligh...
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