Little Manual of Enlightenment, The

Little Manual of Enlightenment, The

7 Valuable Tips for Those in Search of Awareness

guides you on an unforgettable spiritual quest to enlightenment, the highest goal in life.


Want to reach a state of enlightenment? This little manual will show you how. It is special because the author has experienced this state and also researched the subject extensively. He truly believes that enlightenment, the highest goal in life, is our birth right. In this book, he takes the reader on an unforgettable, spiritual quest. Vikas Malkani is one of the world’s leading teachers of personal growth, self-awareness and spiritual awakening.


It was a real pleasure to review this 133 page book because it was so stuffed with spiritual principles presented in such a unique and loving way that I found myself smiling and nodding. I could feel the love and compassion just leap off of every page. Many of the wise words reminded me of what i have been learning in ACIM. The format was simple and easy to follow and it all just blended together. This little teacher just kept giving me suggestion after suggestion on how to go inside, and just relax. Not to force enlightenment, but to let it unfold as a natural process. I would recommend this great feat to those at any stage of their development, but especially to those new or stuck along their path. My mere snapshot could never really do justice to how majestic and complex this guide really is. Thanks Vikas, for showing us the gentle way home. ~ Riki Frahmann,

Vikas is able to capture in words what can only truly be felt by the heart. A state of being, without limits, is captured beautifully in this book. ~ Sally Forrest, International Reiki Master and Teacher

This book is a priceless treasure for the seekers on the path to self-realisation ~ Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Editor, Osho World Magazine

Vikas is a living embodiment of the truth. Enlightenment is available in this moment to us all and he shows us how ~ Chia Eng Heng, Singapore

Vikas Malkani
Vikas Malkani Vikas Malkani is one of the worlds leading teachers of personal growth and self-realization. He is the founder of SoulCentre Academy, Singap...

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