Living Your Dream Forever

Living Your Dream Forever

An essential self improvement life guide that enables you to achieve your lifes dreams and aspirations creating a wonderful new you.


This is not only an essential personal development self help guide but the story of a man and women from totally different backgrounds who seek to achieve their ambitions and aspirations in life. The ideology of the co-writers is consolidated as the book cumulates in the world of television glamour and a Richard and Judy scenario, with a humorous but fact based morning television programme. There is humour in abundance but the advice and guidance remains totally professional and based on personal experience

As David Jones points out life is like a live game of snakes and ladders with all the rungs removed. The secret is never to give up, learn from your mistakes and be positive.

You can be who you want and aspire to be!

Unlike other publications, this book covers an extremely wide range of skills and disciplines. Written from a male and female perspective it will interest all age ranges.

This is the essential life guide you just cannot afford to miss.

A must read!


A great book which I really enjoyed reading.

My friend from America, who is also a published author. read the book and  said how well she thought it had been written. She stated that it was concise with lots of easy to read information. 

Overall an excellent publication.

Mary Cross.


~ Mary Cross, Published Author, Bath, England, Direct Letter to Authors


                    Shropshire Star Book Review by Sally Bunn Friday 30th September 2011


The co-authors live in Hanwood, Shrewsbury and have collaborated to write this book for people who seek to achieve their hopes and dreams.

There are 16 chapters covering a wide range of skills and disciplines. Two of these are headed ‘Getting your Message Across’ and ‘Getting it Right’ and they deal clearly and concisely with communication skills and basic etiquette; both items being in fairly short supply in some sectors of society today.

It is a handy life book manual for anyone setting out after school or university, or considering a change of career for whatever reason, and contains many sensible suggestions that can be used to enhance one’s chances in the world of work.

On a more personal front, many of the remaining helpful chapters contain good advice for the less confident, the indecisive and the low esteem sufferers.

This is an extremely useful book.

~ Sally Bunn - Reviewing 'Living Your Dream Forever' by David Jones & Jean Sinnett Friday 30th October 2011, Sally Bunn is reviewing for the Shropshire Star Group, West Midlands, England.

David Jones
David Jones The co-authors live in Shrewsbury England. DAVID JONES David is retired RAF Officer, Training Manager, Public Relations Officer and Ai...
Jean Sinnett
Jean Sinnett The co-authors live in Shrewsbury England. JEAN SINNETT Jean started life as a hairdresser and salon owner. Through continuous learnin...
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