Love, A Guide to Advancing Your Soul

Love, A Guide to Advancing Your Soul

Love whilst you are here, as you do when you are not, and you’ll have an earthly experience beyond measure.


The book that we have all been waiting for.  What is the truth of this life?  What is it all about?  Why am I here?  What should I do?

For centuries we have been born on earth with the mission to advance, only to be distracted by ego and self doubt.   We have forgotton who we are

You are a soul on a karmic journey.  A soul that has been given chance after chance, life after life, to get it right. Your world that you have lived in so far is an illusion. All of the striving, doing and collecting, an expression of not knowing what you are here to achieve.   MMLove is the answer. 

Love whilst you are here, as you do when you are not, and you will have an earthly experience beyond measure. 

By advancing your soul, you will open up your power for the whole of humanity.  As you emerge to find and express your true self, you will become unlimited, a loving intuitive channel of abundance and joy. 


I support Elizabeth wholeheartedly as a teacher of love in this world.  She has a precious part to play in us all realizing the truth and beauty of who we really are.

~ Robert Holden Phd, Author of Be Happy and Shift Happens

Open your eyes to your soul's true purpose and let Elizabeth Villani hold your hand along the way.

~ Jacky Newcomb, Multi-Award Winning, Sunday Times Best Selling Author

Elizabeth Villani
Elizabeth Villani Elizabeth Villani is a qualified coach, Reiki Master and intuitive teacher. An ordinary woman with an extraordinary message. Elizabeth gre...

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