Man of the New Millennium

Man of the New Millennium

A search for us in an age of me

The road from man cruel to manKIND.


Man of the New Millennium is a book for us: the millions of people who want to see the end of mancruel and the start of mankind and the probably billion or so of us in this world, exasperated and disenchanted by worn-out templates, trying to find new ones.

Wrapped in the most gentle of narratives, Man of the New Millennium leads us through the maze of history's travesties and today's duplicities to a future with a future, to a future whose potential is our potential, our potential as a species, and that potential special to all of us individually.

Man of the New Millennium is a search for us in an age of me;
it is a text for humanity in fictional dress;
it is a book which changes hope from an ill-defined aspiration to a realisable ambition.
It is a book of today which guarantees a quality tomorrow.

Man of the New Millenniu is the third book of the trilogy which also comprises The Prophet of the New Millennium and God of the New Millennium.

Gregory Dark
Gregory Dark Gregory Dark was born in London on August 31st, 1950. His father, John, until his retirement was an English film producer; his mother, Eliza...
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Maureen Minnehan Jones

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Prophet of the New Millennium by Gregory Dark

Prophet of the New Millennium

Gregory Dark

inspired by Kahlil Gibran this book complements Gibran's classic book The Prophet.

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