Mankind's Last Chance

Mankind's Last Chance

Healing for a Broken World

The only solutions to our current economic, environmental and social crises are to be found in spiritual transformation on a universal scale.


Drawing extensively on his experiences of more than thirty years as a humanitarian worker, Richard Poole takes us on a journey from our earliest origins to our present day, one that enables us to see how far we have strayed from our guiding principles to create a world that is bent on self-destruction.
Mankind's Last Chance argues that the repair of our broken societies, our collapsing economies and our wrecked environment lies not in the application of any new form of political and economic governance but in a moral re-awakening and a renewed commitment to the common good that can only come from a spiritual transformation on a universal scale.
More importantly it tells us where the source of such a transformation is to be found and how it can be achieved.


I highly recommend checking this one's a game changer ~ Niki J Leach, Everyday Connection

Richard Poole's work, forged by a professional lifetime in the field of humanitarian aid and by an equally personal commitment to moral regeneration through spiritual guidance, explores the interface between those phenomena. His conclusions, and indeed his analysis, may not convince all who read his views for they are avowedly subjective and contentious, but no reader will deny being reminded, challenged and even offended by what is essentially a call to end the dystopia of our contemporary world before it implodes into chaos of apocalyptic proportions. An almost unique literary antidote to booksellers' shelf dross that sells and makes millions. ~ Dr. Michael P Gorman

I largely agree with what you say (leaving aside the British-centric bits) and found your assessment of our current predicament refreshing and innovative. ~ Hooman Momen

While I've always known that Richard is an excellent writer (proven beyond all doubt by his first 2 books relating his life as an aid worker in Ecuador and Sudan), Mankind's Last Chance is a hugely different undertaking. He taps into his vast experience to spell out devastatingly with great wisdom, foresight and feeling, the future we are facing, or more important, our children are facing, if we don't take stock of the world's many wrongs as we all spiral out of control. His analysis of our plight is, for me, spot on. I find myself picking up the book and re-reading bits. It's become a kind of reference for me. Richard's solution is a very personal one. Let the reader judge whether or not he agrees. What is 100% certain is that the world desperately needs a massive moral overhaul and much greater awareness of where we are all heading. Mankind's Last Chance provides us with the chance to examine our conscience. It is highly thought-provoking. I thoroughly recommend it to anybody with an interest in the future of our world. It's a must read. ~ John Gallienne, Amazon

Get a copy and read for yourself, you will not regret it; it will be one of the best decisions and purchases you have made ~ Alice Otiato

WHY ALL HUMAN LIFE IS HERE.... Richard Poole, by his own admission, has seen the very best of man and the worst. Richard, who now lives in Colchester, has written a book using everything he has seen, heard and learned while abroad to try to prevent a similar cataclysmic scenario taking place in this country. In Mankind's Last Chance, he argues that the core values which keep a nation stable and its people safe are being swept away by a tidal wave of economic, social and environmental crises. The high-profile scandals of News International, the G4S security firm, and the British banking system and our shrinking economy, are merely symptoms of a much deeper malaise. He believes the net result of our love-affair with materialism and an epidemic of falling standards has brought the world to the edge of a precipice - with the UK out in front. Richard said: "As a nation, we have lost our moral compass and become at the most basic level, lost souls. Social disintegration is not something confined to Third World countries . It can, and will, happen wherever standards of decency fail. I have serious concerns about what is happening in this country and that's why I wrote the book to try and raise awareness of these issues before it's too late." ~ Neil D'Arcy Jones, Colcheter Gazette

Richard Poole draws upon his life’s experience as a humanitarian worker and as a student of world religions to bring us this intriguing book. He addresses the three foremost issues of our day – the global economic crisis, our deteriorating natural environment, and the meaning of life in a rapidly changing world. He sees a common thread linking all three and argues that only a return to the spiritual path can bring a solution to our collective malaise. He challenges what he believes are the three great myths of our time: the myth that truth is exclusively accessible through the intellect; the myth that humanity moves forward as a result of the influence of human genius; and the myth that the purpose of life is to satisfy our personal desires. I found Mankind's Last Chance moving and thought-provoking. Do I personally buy his argument? I do not honestly know – part of me hopes that he is right and part of me hopes that he is wrong, especially in his assessment of the calamity that awaits us if we do not put our house in order quickly. What I do know from an acquaintanceship that spans four decades is that Richard Poole is a person of strong conviction and unwavering commitment to whatever cause he undertakes. My contention is that it would be unwise to dismiss what he has to say without carefully listening to the arguments and weighing the evidence. ~ Dr. Peter Hardwick

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing” – this is Richard Poole’s message. An amazing man, Richard Poole, has just written his fourth book called Mankind’s Last Chance. Richard has been a humanitarian aid worker in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean for over 30 years and has witnessed the very worst that humans can do to each other. He is now an international consultant in relief and development and, when he’s not doing that, he lives in Colchester, UK. The book is about how to avoid our imminent slide into chaos which, sadly, will start here in the UK – principally because all our usual good examples (the government, the media, the bankers) believe they are above the law. They have lost their moral compass and it is unlikely that they will recover it. Richard believes salvation is down to the rank and file – that is you and me. It is not only his book that you will find fascinating but his voice also – he is a persuasive speaker. A deep thinker and a seer, in his second book he predicted the collapse of the Euro and the UK riots of 2011. Richard is a humble man but his message is anything but. ~ Sharon Morrison, Communications consultant

PRESS RELEASE Perfect storm gathering momentum: UK prime candidate for destruction Society breaks down; people barricade themselves in their homes too afraid to go out until they need to forage for food; violence, corruption and fear are the order of the day. This nightmare scenario is not the work of a science fiction writer or a snapshot of war-torn Central Africa; it is humanitarian aid worker Richard Poole’s prediction for the United Kingdom if we do not put our house in order. In his latest book Mankind’s Last Chance Richard argues that the core values that keep a nation stable and its people safe are being swept away by a tidal wave of economic, social and environmental crises. The high-profile scandals of News International and the British banking system, and our shrinking economy, are merely symptoms of a much deeper malaise. He believes that the net result of our love-affair with materialism and an epidemic of falling standards have brought the world to the edge of a precipice, with the UK out in front. Why should we pay any attention to what Richard has to say? Why should his view of our imminent descent into chaos be more credible than our Government’s “it’ll be alright on the night” mantra? With over 30 years’ experience working in emergency, reconstruction and development in Africa, Latin American and the Caribbean, he has, more than most, witnessed first-hand how economies collapse, how morale dies and how countries fall into ruin. In his previous book The Day of the Dragon Richard predicted the riots of the summer of 2011 and the collapse of the euro, which means that he has been more accurate than most of our politicians and their advisors. Deeply concerned that too few seem able to see what he sees with stark clarity, he has written Mankind’s Last Chance as a blueprint for our survival. Speaking about his book, Richard said: “As a nation we have lost our moral compass and become at the most basic level, lost souls. Social disintegration is not something that is confined to impoverished Third World countries, it can and will happen wherever standards of decency fail. What’s in the blueprint? It’s about all of us, the rank and file, reclaiming our spiritual heritage.” In a modern world it seems almost old fashioned to talk about religion but, whether you call it faith, conviction or belief, Richard believes that this is the vital ingredient missing from our lives. We are in urgent need of a common goal to bring us together, a common understanding of what is right and wrong and a deep seated belief in goodness. If we are to extricate ourselves from the mess we are in we need to act now and start setting an example our ‘leaders’ should follow. Ends. ~ Sharon Morrison, Communications consultant

Richard Poole
Richard Poole Richard has spent over thirty years working in emergency, reconstruction and development in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The pro...
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