Map to God, A

Map to God, A

Awakening Spiritual Integrity


Discover an ancient hermetic pathway, a golden thread running through all spiritual traditions, containing everything we need to transform into our enlightened selves. This revelatory book guides us along this golden thread to spiritual awakening. It maps out the stages of the path, identifies the emergencies and challenges we will face, including our personal shadow defects, and gives us the tools we need to overcome the obstacles to spiritual integrity. There are hidden worlds here to explore, a lifetime of adventure in front of you, the path of the spiritual hero. Susie Anthony has studied many of the world’s healing modalities and been initiated into a number of spiritual lineages. She now dedicates her life to healing and teaching and works internationally.


If you truly want to understand, awaken and work with the infinite, potential capabilities that the universe offers us all as our birthright, then this powerful and informative book takes you on the most important spiritual journey of all – the ultimate journey within. ~ Hazel Courteney, Award winning alternative health and spiritual journalist, former Sunday Times columnist and best sell

A self-help book with a map, a compass, and a personal trainer to facilitate your spiritual transformation. Has had a profound impact on many lives. Susie leads by example, her life unfolding like a living template for the four key stages of development details in this work. ~ , Kindred Spirit

A parable for our time, the story of a highly successful woman whose material achievements turned to ash as her frenetic and drug dependent lifestyle fell apart in a major existential crisis. It is a heroine's journey that provides guidance and encouragement for readers undergiong a similar process of transformation. ~ , Network Review

In her book "Map to God" Susan Anthony shares with refreshing integrity her personal story of transformation, which led to amazing meetings with masters from various spiritual backgrounds. With her insights from these experiences and meetings, she presents jewels of universal truths from East and West and paints an engaging vision for humankind's journey toward oneness. It's a must read! ~ Klaus Heinemann Ph.D., Physicist, Corporate Chairman, author of Expanding Perception

The author bears her beautiful soul and displays her accomplished writing style to convey her personal story, witty, painful, amusing it lurches the reader along a roller coaster of universal deja-vu scenarios until it arrives at the station of moral integrity and peace by way of a map from God. ~ Heather Bird-Tchenguiz BA Hons, MBA.Chairperson UK Anti-Ageing Society, Owner of HB Health.

A Map to God is a way-shower of the spiritual terrain we all traverse as we journey home to the awareness and wholeness of who we really are. Susie has walked every step of this path herself. The profound challenges she encountered and overcame, makes her eminently qualified to share the perennial wisdom embodied in this book. The book and Susie herself is an inspirational, wise, loving and practical map to the divine within every one of us. ~ Dr Jude Currivan, Author of The Wave<

Susie Anthony
Susie Anthony Susie Anthony climbed the corporate ladder until she worked directly for some of the richest men in the world. With no other purpose in life...
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