Melody and Silence

Melody and Silence

the selfish bodhisattva

Life is our religion, all beings our community, living life our spiritual practice and our goal is happening now.


As we move towards a one world consciousness, we need an evolved spirituality to follow. We can have an adult, non-dogmatic spiritual life that transcends borders and language. This book is a mixture of talks on truth and recorded satsangs. It is an attempt to reveal, that, knowing oneself has nothing to do with spirituality or religion. Truth is discovering who you are. This enquiry has no conditions to it. It does not matter where you are from, what culture, language, religion. Who you are, is who you are! It is time to move forward in a culture of oneness. One world, one religion - truth seeking, one prayer - silence.


"Choboji has the most voracious alignment with truth out of anyone that I know. He is a born teacher, iconoclast and dissident. He draws on a vast amount of embodied knowledge and experience, and shares it wrapped with entertaining stories and great humour. Talking with him, or reading his books, is one of my favourite things." ~ Christopher Higgo, Yoga Master

Chobo is a bearer of the message that life is and you are. This news is at times delivered at your doorstep, at other times through an open window, and sometimes it shatters thin glass. He does what he has to do to turn you to the realization that you are not what you think you are and that there is no greater difference than that between the one who is not suffering and the one who suffers. If you want fervency and sensibility in a teaching, read Chobo. ~ Jerry Katz,

Chobo Chobo was a spiritual seeker from an early age. Fortunately he was never indoctrinated into a religion by his parents but was continuously e...


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