More Adventures in Eternity

More Adventures in Eternity

From Henry to Higher Self


Gordon Phinn's first book Eternal Life and how to enjoy it won him a dedicated worldwide following. More Adventures in Eternity describes the author's unique explorations and the unfolding of his higher self as his guide's teachings release Gordon from being a grateful disciple to a self-initiated explorer and all-round multi-level shapeshifter through astral plane training. The author is a spiritual counsellor and past-life regression therapist who discovers he can communicate with beings of all statures from ascended masters to dead relatives, as well as revisiting his own past lives and future selves. Our human journey into the unseen dimensions of the planet is mapped with the exploratory joy of the disciple unleashed from the staid solemnities and stale pieties of religion; with delicious irreverence our destiny is unveiled. This book appeals to all those who are intrigued by out-of-body astral travel and near death experiences and who want to know more.


A great contribution to the advancement of human Consciousness. It's a treasure trove of afterlife knowledge packaged in a marvellous series of firsthand retrieval and exploration accounts of his, and of some of the many non-physical Helpers and Guides of his acquaintance. Such a rich level of close-up details within these accounts gives readers much deeper insight and understanding into our existence beyond physical reality, and into the activities of our afterlife's inhabitants. I find Gordon’s interaction with Higher Self to be very revealing of the nature of our role and purpose within Consciousness. In reading this fascinating and entertaining book readers will come to more clearly understand from a "big-C" Consciousness perspective who and what we human beings truly are. ~ Bruce Moen, Author of Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook

What I want to stress most of all about this book, given that if you've picked it up you already have an interest in the subject matter, is the charming and accessible style of the author. One wouldn't have thought that a book so heavy on educational, spiritual, content, would be so easy to read, and more than that, compelling. If you're already hooked up to the spiritual train, then this book is your fast track ticket, your invaluable reading companion, and your doorway to amazement, which can do nothing but enhance your ride. It grabbed me from the first word! Brilliant! ~ Jenny Smedley, Writer and columnist

Gordon Phinn would seem to be way ahead of the game. Our Multi -faceted self would appear to have a thread of consciousness running through it of which many have little understanding. We fail to recall its awareness outside of this earthly reality and do not in general read our 'memory' from other dimensional experience. Do we actually sit in ignorance of who we truly are and is our slow awakening to our multi-faceted self the next step in our evolution? If so author Gordon Phinn would seem to be way ahead of the game, but is it one we can all play? Here he shares his experience as he reveals his own pathway to his own true awakening via this thread of consciousness. It is a deeply personal expression of his journey and an out pouring of whom he feels he really is. It is easy to read; but might it be a harder pathway to follow? The author shares what he feels happens to us when we pass from this world into the next and touches upon out-of-body and multi-level shape shifting experiences. If you want to stretch your consciousness and be open to the probability of your own potential then here is the book to shake loose your old thinking - so get ready to awaken to your true higher and eternal self. To read it is to be touched by its information in some unconscious way. ~ Barbara Venn-Lever, Host to The Positively Barbara Show

Gordon Phinn
Gordon Phinn After thirty years of intensive study and experiential psychic exploration, Gordon Phinn is now writing what he knows of eternal life and ou...
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