Morning Muse, The

Morning Muse, The

Mystical Revelations to Live By

This book of spiritual guidance and inspiration, invites the serious seeker to discover not only their divinity, but the Master within.


This book of spiritual guidance and inspiration, invites the serious seeker to discover not only their divinity, but the Master within. Comprising over 250 statements of Truth revealed through meditation, it provides the missing link to living in the world, actually free of human lacks and limitations, and awakened from the illusion of separation from one’s true Self. It can bring about life-changing results immediately.
The conscious awareness of Truth through one’s own direct experience of Oneness, breaks apart the mental constructs that have been holding beliefs, opinions and ideas in place, controlling life and obscuring the Truth that is within.


The Morning Muse: Mystical Revelations to Live By authored by Octavia Williams is a collection of mystical and spiritual sayings gained through the authors meditative practice. These sayings speak to the heart and soul. You can open the book to any page to be guided to which saying you should read and contemplate for the day. You could also just read each saying page by page and do the same thing. I really liked the insights found within this book and think that they speak to the soul and to our oneness. I would recommend this book to be used as a daily practice for spiritual contemplation. ~ Rose Pettit, Insights into the Wonderful World of Books

"This book is full of timeless wisdom, straight from the Heart. So read and lose yourself in the words and learn to understand and feel and then be able to live your life in Celebration." --Renate McNay ~ Renate McNay

4/5 Stars This book has useful ideas and practises that pretty much anyone can apply, regardless of your religious background. The author did a good job of being versatile in her messages and providing a book that is both inspirational and useful. I found that following this book as a daily guide helped me to feel more positive about things and reminded me that gentle guidance on our daily path is often all we need to begin digging ourselves out of a rut. The author does not tell you how to feel or exactly what you should do, but rather allows you to learn from her experiences and use her writing to feel closer to your own spiritual being. I thought this was a lovely book that would make a great gift for someone in your life or as an addition to your own spiritual library. ~ Ionia Froment, Goodreads/NetGalley

I enjoyed this short read about finding peace within and how to obtain inner peace. I found the personal experiences and visions to be aspiring and inspirational. The short quotes and notes truly are heart lifting and imaginable strength can be taken from these only id the reader really knows, understands and is ready to be in the present with the Truth. ~ Jann Bowers, Jann Bowers - Poet and Author of Echoic

"...a wonderfully inviting book of brief, but potent, spiritual insights and revelations... Highly recommended!" ~ Peter Francis Dziuban, author of Consciousness Is All and Simply Notice

Octavia Williams
Octavia Williams Octavia Williams is a lifelong writer. She is director of the and spiritual guide to its hundreds of international ...

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