Most Clarifying Battle, A

Most Clarifying Battle, A

The Spirit and Cancer

One woman's inspirational fight for her soul in the midst of the chaos of Stage 4 cancer.


Part resource and part memoir, this is the work of an extraordinarily courageous and shining figure who finished her manuscript before her illness finally claimed her.
A Most Clarifying Battle provides a foundation for the reader to understand the experiential issues involved in living and dying with a cancer diagnosis and suggests simple exercises that can be used to build spiritual muscle and enhance quality of life.


Readers will be inspired by the courage, persistence and tenacity of the author, as well as by her lucidity and compassion. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

In this beautiful book that is both scholarly review and memoir, Dr. Vance describes the unique challenges and gifts of living with chronic illness. In an easy-to-read, clear style, Vance tells her story, interwoven with the stories of others. In exploring suffering, loss, chronic illness as personal responsibility or spiritual opportunity, and cancer as other or self, Vance has presented an erudite representation of an experience that touches all of our lives. Healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients will all benefit from reading this book. Looking at healing as a body-mind-spirit proposition, Vance portrays the healing that can occur on all levels - emotional and spiritual, even when physical healing is not possible. With authenticity and grace, Landis Vance has shown us how to live out this view of wholeness, and how to achieve peace amidst chaos. ~ Christina Jackson, Ph.D., MSN, Professor of Nursing, Curriculum Committee Chair - Nursing Department, Eastern University

It is the rare voice that can give flight to the soul in adversity. Landis Vance is such a voice. Her heart‐ felt descriptions of coping with cancer, first as a chronic condition and now, as an overwhelming foe, opens our eyes to the fullness of living in the midst of life threatening hardship. ‘A Most Clarifying Battle: The Spirit and Cancer’ must be read by everyone, ill and well. ~ Mark Langweiler, DC, DAAPM, Senior Lecturer - Anatomy, University of South Wales

This is both an informative and heart‐wrenching book written by a woman who knows the cancer story from many perspectives. It is a series of articles, essays, and journal entries about her cancer experiences as a health care professional as well as her own journey. Her observations are acute, timely and very personal. Her story is shared without being maudlin, but totally honest, experience‐in‐the-moment. The overall message is that one needs to live life to the fullest, when possible, holed‐up when not, and deeply connected to family, friends and one’s personal gods…exercising as she has coined “spiritual muscle” to keep her consciousness present. Cancer is not the enemy; it is a part of her journey, a part of the struggles of her body, but never touching her eternal spirit. ~ Miriam Ratner, MSW, Psycho-oncologist , The Spectrum Center for Natural Medicine

A Most Clarifying Battle feeds the heart, mind, and spirit of people with cancer and their friends and families. Dr. Vance draws on her well­ honed intellect to offer research results, ideas, and tools to help the reader approach the challenges of cancer. Drawing on experiences gleaned from her own multi-­year battle with advanced cancer, she offers an inspiring personal story of courage, suffering, and perseverance. This book makes readers feel they have a wise companion who walks the cancer road by their side. ~ Joan Paddock Maxwell, MTS, Palliative care chaplain (ret.)

In recent years, I have tried to support several family members and friends as they battled the cancer roller coaster. I wanted to help, but felt powerless. I would have eagerly read Landis Vance’s A Most Clarifying Battle had it been available. A Most Clarifying Battle gives powerful new insights into chronic illness and the inter­relationship of spirituality, psychology, and medicine. By combining her practical theology and health academic study, with hands ­on work as a hospital chaplain, and a personal memoir of her own cancer journey, Dr. Vance offers insights into the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of living with cancer or chronic illness. This book would be useful to patients, physicians, medical personnel, and clergy as well as concerned family and friends. ~ Cathryn Seymour Dorsey, Care Provider

Landis Vance's A Most Clarifying Battle is an extraordinary exploration of what it means to journey through cancer... This inspiring book will be of immense inspiration not only for those who have a cancer diagnosis, but for their loved ones and friends as well. For anyone who doubts the importance of spirituality in health and illness, this book should be required reading. ~ Larry Dossey, MD, Author: ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

Landis M.F. Vance
Landis M.F. Vance Landis Vance was passionate about understanding and facilitating personal growth, positive transformation and resilience. She believed that ...
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