Nine lives
The Enneagram in life stories
Heartwarming stories about turning personal failures into successes, with help from the Enneagram and the Bible.

Why do we make the same mistakes over and over? Why do people make crazy choices? Can we change and grow up or are we like the proverbial leopard with his spots?

In these nine short stories you'll meet Tim, who's deeply into how things work; Grace, who really needs to be needed; Graham, whose priority is his image and a whole cast of others who find out - eventually - that it is possible to change and grow.

Each of the main characters is a different Enneagram type - if you know nothing about the Enneagram it doesn't matter; but you'll probably become fascinated by how true to life and helpful it is.The Bible, the Church and God come into the picture quite a lot - not always with good results. Organised religion may sometimes be more of a problem than a solution. 

Nine Lives is all about understanding what makes people tick, developing a spiritual life and being truly alive to each moment.
  • I knew a little bit about the enneagram before reading Nine Lives, but this book seems to 'bring it to life'. Instead of a list of descriptions of personality types, you are given life stories centring around a group of people and their connections to each other. It's written in an engaging and unaffected style, with plenty of humour and from a non-judgemental perspective. Each story provides an insight into the thought processes, strengths and weaknesses of the characters. Nine Lives has certainly made me want to find out even more about the 9 personality types and how they can work to develop an understanding and acceptance of others. Whether you are familiar with the enneagram or not, I recommend you read this. ~ Chox,