Open To Love

Open To Love

Healing Attunements and Ceremonies for Spiritual Adventurers

A do-it-yourself spiritual handbook for unlocking doors to your divine true self and inviting it into your heart.


Conducting your own special spiritual attunements helps you connect directly with your divine essence. It is not only simple and fun, it can be utterly life-transforming too. By following a few basic steps, you can quickly harness the power of your higher love to bring positive change and innumerable blessings into your life.

Here are over twenty ceremonies you can use either alone or with a group of friends. They have been designed to expand your healing gifts and accelerate your personal growth, as well as to give you a deeper understanding of consciousness and the nature of your vast, multifaceted self.

Encouraging you to take these ideas further, the author ( also explains how you can create attunements tailor-made just for you and describes innovative ways of working with crystals and experimenting with an ancient technique for clearing energetic blockages.

Interwoven throughout with personal stories and thought-provoking ideas, including the nature of ego and healing across time and dimensions, Open to Love contains a wealth of information from which to derive much joyful inspiration.


Open to Love provides a wealth of inspiration for spiritual adventurers. ~ Cygnus Review

An excellent book that is well worth having on one's bookshelf. From the point of view of a writer and publisher, I am pleased to comment that the books is well written and well edited.  Congratulations to all concerned.

~ Sasha Fenton, Mercury

A divinely timed contribution to the well being of humanity - enlightening and informative, this book creates love through truth. ~ Sandy Stevenson, International speaker and author of The Awakener

A simple and effective way of connecting words to the heart that can bring a rapid shift in consciousness and materialization. I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to gain a grasp of the inner workings of attunements and self-discovery. ~ Patrick Zeigler, Introducer of the Seichim/SeHKeM Energy, and teacher of All-Love

Jane Elizabeth White
Jane Elizabeth White Jane White is a writer, healer and mystic. After spending time as a commissioning editor of sports books (Jane has a black belt in Shotokan ...

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