Ordinary Secrets

Ordinary Secrets

Notes for your spiritual journey


Have you spent 20 years in a Tibetan monastery studying with monks, or sequestered yourself away in a cave on a mountain, meditating and living on bread and water?

Bob Southard hasn't either. He has spent many years learning from and working with shamans from many countries and traditions, but has found that even this isn't necessary. In Ordinary Secrets, Bob shares his distilled wisdom of 25 years of searching, leading him to understand how an ordinary person can have an extraordinary spiritual journey. He shares discoveries that have helped him on his journey, such as states of mind (for example, living in the present and being open to learn) and important tools (such as journeys, intentions and affirmations) that will help you find the true spirituality inside yourself. This is a highly experiential book with many journeys presented to help you on your path. You are encouraged to find and travel on your path, not his or anyone else's, and to trust yourself in this most exciting and important spiritual journey.


Turned off by lofty teachers, levitating gurus, and approaches to spirituality that require years of training? Want to start today to live a more productive, relaxed, ecstatic life? If so, this is your book. In it Bob Southard shares his "ordinary secrets" that will send you on your way to an extraordinary life. ~ John Perkins, New York Times Best Selling author of Shapeshifting, The World Is As You Dream It, and many other books.

Bob Southard demystifies spirituality, offering deceptively simple methods to expand consciousness and empower a more fulfilling life. For anyone yearning to discover, express, and celebrate who they really are - Ordinary Secrets is a formula for magic! ~ Llyn Roberts, M.A.,, Author of The Good Remembering and co-author of Shamanic Reiki

Simplicity is often the answer to many of life’s problems and here we discover simple yet seemingly ordinary wisdoms that can help us all to live a calmer existence. Robert Y Southhard has encapsulated the wise sense that he has discovered whilst travelling his own spiritual journey within this easy to read, easy to follow book. We can all learn from the expertise of others when it is in full bloom and like bees around the pollen we can sip at the nectar within. What he shares with us now may seem to him ordinary; but to the uninitiated it may seem like a mysterious collection of little life savers- each a sweet scented, individual petal from his own full flower of understanding. Only when we know the secrets can we begin to see them as ordinary. Their simplicity will make you smile and as you turn the leaf of the pages you will begin to turn over a new leaf in your own life too. Simplicity itself can unravel the tangle of ignorance and then all seems ordinary. It really is no secret to the wise. ~ Barabara Venn-Lever, My Spirit Radio

Bob shares his distilled wisdom of 25 years of searching, leading him to understand how an ordinary person can have an extraordinary spiritual journey. He shares discoveries that have helped him, and will help you find the true spirituality inside yourself––encouraging you to travel your own path, not anyone else’s, and trust yourself in this exciting spiritual journey. ~ The Messenger

Robert Y Southard
Robert Y Southard Bob Southard is a businessman with a B.S. in Psychology and an M.B.A. He is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner a...

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