Pearlie of Great Price

Pearlie of Great Price

Following a dog into the presence of God

Hilary Hart was born and raised in New England and received BA and MA degrees in Philosophy from Yale University and the University of Colorado. She is a meditation guide and offers meditation workshops throughout the country. She was an invited pa


Pearlie was a stubborn, one-eyed, scraggly-haired mutt dying of cancer - not the usual spiritual guide. But when Hilary Hart was told by her Sufi teacher to look to Pearlie for God, her simple dog became a mysterious doorway into the hidden powers of love, life, and the feminine dimension of the divine.

Pearlie of Great Price is a story of spiritual love and surrender, offering an important reminder that what we ignore ultimately holds the key to realizing the divine wholeness of our Self.


What an inspirational story, truly remarkable, one that holds you from cover to cover. ~ , Odyssey Magazine

Pearlie of Great Price is one of those page-turners that you just can’t put down. And if forced to set it down (say, your own animals are demanding to be fed), then the story stays with you... until you can pick the book up again. Hilary Hart writes her soul’s message on these pages, placing her heart on the line, becoming vulnerable for us… her grateful readers. Living a life of spiritualism that spans many arenas, we gain respect for her personal growth through the trial of fire that life puts her through. Ms. Hart’s beautiful writing style will sweep you up into new realms of reading enjoyment. I highly recommend this book to one & all. ~ Rev Dr Sandra Gaskin,

This brave, wise, profound and beautifully written book will take you into the heart of the mysterious holiness of ordinary life. And your guide will not be Rumi or the Dalai Lama, but a plump, sad-eyed dog with bad breath. Anyone who has met the Beloved in an animal and who has glimpsed the extraordinary powers of love that animals share with and can awaken in us, will be heartened and inspired by this wonderful book. ~ Andrew Harvey, Author of The Direct Path and The Return of the Mother.

Hilary Hart
Hilary Hart Hilary Hart is a writer and teacher focusing on women's spirituality and its role in collective evolution. Her previous books include The Un...
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