Planting the Impatience

Why wrack your brain?. Use this book to use transformative metaphors effortlessly, without strain. It guides you in converting your daily problem narrative into transformative metaphor; how to ‘animate’ the meta

UNIQUE TRANSFORMATIVE SELF-HELP / PSYCHOLOGY BOOK USING METAPHORS AS CHANGE AGENTS Einstein: “the same brain that created a problem cannot be used to solve it’. So, before you head off to a neurosurgeon to get a ‘new brain’, take this unique, interactive and powerful self-help method to it. You may find your brain has a new mind of its own to ‘solve that problem’. The approach called "Metaphor Animation for Personal Trans-phor-mation" (M.A.P.T) shifts the contemporary self-help paradigm. How? BOOK ON METAPHOR ANIMATION • Draws on readers’ unconscious resources • Reader highly active (creativity; intuition; play) • Content-free; purely symbolic (works with ‘how’ not ‘what’). • After reading & application, change/ transformation process has started. OTHER CONVENTIONAL SELF-HELP • Rely on conscious mind for change • Reader a passive recipient • Heavy on content (‘what’) rather than structure of experience (‘how’) • Impact often limited to greater awareness. Conscious impetus for change Why a self-help method dealing with metaphor? According to Johnson & Lakoff, metaphor makes up some 75% of human language!. We take to it effortlessly. Few authors have, however, thought of developing an effective approach to applying metaphor for a change we want.