Planting the Impatience

Planting the Impatience

Why wrack your brain?. Use this book to use transformative metaphors effortlessly, without strain. It guides you in converting your daily problem narrative into transformative metaphor; how to ‘animate’ the meta


UNIQUE TRANSFORMATIVE SELF-HELP / PSYCHOLOGY BOOK USING METAPHORS AS CHANGE AGENTS Einstein: “the same brain that created a problem cannot be used to solve it’. So, before you head off to a neurosurgeon to get a ‘new brain’, take this unique, interactive and powerful self-help method to it. You may find your brain has a new mind of its own to ‘solve that problem’. The approach called "Metaphor Animation for Personal Trans-phor-mation" (M.A.P.T) shifts the contemporary self-help paradigm. How? BOOK ON METAPHOR ANIMATION • Draws on readers’ unconscious resources • Reader highly active (creativity; intuition; play) • Content-free; purely symbolic (works with ‘how’ not ‘what’). • After reading & application, change/ transformation process has started. OTHER CONVENTIONAL SELF-HELP • Rely on conscious mind for change • Reader a passive recipient • Heavy on content (‘what’) rather than structure of experience (‘how’) • Impact often limited to greater awareness. Conscious impetus for change Why a self-help method dealing with metaphor? According to Johnson & Lakoff, metaphor makes up some 75% of human language!. We take to it effortlessly. Few authors have, however, thought of developing an effective approach to applying metaphor for a change we want.

Dr Kay U.  Brugge
Dr Kay U. Brugge Dr Kay is a Johannesburg based Life Strategist (change and transformation coach) working nationally. His post-graduate qualifications are in...
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