Possibility Exists ... , The

Possibility Exists ... , The

One Man's Search for Freedom

Irish humour, deep wisdom and naked truth from a good Catholic boy turned spiritual radical.


In 2004, Eoin Scolard trusted his intuition and walked away from a six-figure salary. The Possibility Exists … is a practical and sometimes humorous look at how his concept of self was broken open, and how he learned profound spiritual and philosophical concepts from unlikely sources.
Eoin says, “The Possibility Exists … that you’ll enjoy the searing honesty of my writing, sprinkled with Irish humour, deep wisdom, fun and foolishness. But then again, The Possibility Exists … that you’ll throw your hands up in the air and proclaim that this is the most boring book you’ve ever read!”
As you can tell, Eoin avoids taking it all too seriously, because, he says, “Self-help can become obsessive and actually be a hindrance to your enjoyment of life.”


http://www.irishnews.com/lifestyle/2017/02/13/news/lettuce-talk-about-the-price-of-greens-and-banishing-negative-thoughts-925624/ EOIN Scolard reckons we are all like onions. Not a bad thing: onions are good for you and tobacco onions delicious and, as Eoin says, they have many layers. We have to peel away to get to the heart of living and Eoin gives us great advice and guidance on how to do this. Negative thoughts are always out there and they want to dominate. If you allow them room they'll surely take up residence and become hardwired into your everyday thinking. Eoin has a way of coping and he charts his tried and tested theories in his book The Possibility Exists… One Man's Search For Freedom. He confronts these thoughts by visualisation: “I sit down for a minute take a few deep breaths and sense into the lower half of my body. Then I say to myself – I am like an oak tree.” Now he paints a picture in his mind based on the tree; in a field, maybe a forest, sun shining and it's warm. Then he takes his particular problem and gives it a name of a cartoon character. “Let's try Mickey Mouse.” So he writes the offending words on Mickey's T-shirt – ‘I'm not good enough', for instance. Basically your problem is transferred to an external source, you acknowledge the problem, you tell it – “I see you, I know you want my attention but sorry, not today.” Then you go back to concentrate on the oak tree, sense the depth of the earth, the warmth of the sun, the openness of the sky and the vastness of the universe. As he concentrates on this he notices that Mickey Mouse is getting uncomfortable. He's getting less and less attention, he's getting more and more annoyed. “Putting your focus elsewhere starves the thought of its life energy.” Poor Mickey, you see him and the problem loosing their energy. The unwanted thought gets lighter and lighter and eventually floats up and away. There's much more to this way of approaching life but basically it's a case of taking your negative attitudes and experiences by the scruff of the neck and forbidding them to take root. Eoin also talks about ‘non-specific unhappiness' – not depression but life getting you down. When he was suffering stress he wasn't prepared to take the doctor's antidepressants; instead he went on a quest to get an answer and ended up in Dublin with a fully qualified doctor who is also a homeopath. They talked, and talked. She was honestly interested in him and he responded. “An hour and twenty minutes later I left this wonderful woman feeling much lighter in myself.” He shares what he learned and it's valuable information. The author, who lives in Co Down with his partner Jenny Grainger, also discusses life as it is today putting forward the thesis that the world we live in doesn't want us to be free to make our own decisions. “It doesn't want empowered people who refuse to be victims. It actually needs you to be a slave to the consumer culture... this fear has spawned greed, anxiety, defensiveness and control. This paradigm needs to crack and crumble and be rebuilt. How? One person at a time.” Just think back to the fear we felt over the Millennium Bug, mad cow disease, salt, now sugar, and the rest – these negatives just keep coming, like Big Brother in Orwell's 1984, trying to manipulate and suppress the masses. Eoin has had plenty of negatives to deal with: a bad crash resulting in a near-death experience, relationship problems, single parenthood and success and failure in the world of work. No wonder he had a stress-related breakdown. But all these only made him determined to rebuild and share his experiences, often in a comical way, always in a compulsive way. His take on ‘fear' being your friend is also fascinating. Turning fear into energy by making a commitment to do something psychologically or emotionally frightening once a week until your courage muscle gets strong and your self-esteem grows. Start with something small you've been avoiding like making a phone call you've been putting off and building up from there. Be prepared to be challenged by this book; be prepared to fill in the little exams he sets and keep The Possibility Exists... as a manual to a better life. :: The Possibility Exists... One Man's Search For Freedom is published by O Books, available on Amazon, Kindle and in bookshops. ~ Anne Hailes, Irish News

http://www.positivelife.ie/2016/12/winter-vibes-what-we-are-loving-this-winter/ Entertaining Possibilities Eoin Scolard’s new book, The Possibility Exists, is about one man’s search for freedom. This quest is something to which we can all relate. After several life changing experiences, Eoin began asking himself some serious questions about the way he was living his life. The book is his answer to those questions. His answers are illuminating for us all. eoinscolard.com ~ Paul Congdon, Positive Life Magazine Ireland

The Possibility Exists is a rare synthesis of Irish humor, raw honesty and deep wisdom that our world so needs right now. Offered through the voice of an experienced and trustworthy guide to genuine transformation, Eoin shares personal stories from struggles to be truly himself, in a way that will inspire hope, while also offering a practical way forward for the reader to fully embrace an authentic life. This is a rare book that challenges you while also making you smile, as you are introduced to a wide range of wisdom from characters as diverse as Shrek, Neo and the Buddha. I highly recommend it. ~ Miranda McPherson, author of Boundless Love

Eoin Scolard
Eoin Scolard Eoin Scolard is a Soul Coach who has created a body of work called Holistic Intelligence (HQ) as well as being an experienced public speaker...
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