Presence, The

Presence, The

A Memoir of Miracles

Medical school dropout, recovered alcoholic and spiritual mountaineer writes about his path to God, personal responsibility and love.


Robert Page writes with a special kind of freedom and authority about the development of his relationship with God. In an age dominated by spin, the cult of celebrity, materialism, skepticism and cynicism, he speaks without fear for his professional standing is neither learned academic nor theologian. He is a self-confessed Ordinary Joe whose life has taken some extraordinary turns.

He addresses subjects which have relevance for all of us, whatever our beliefs. They include the acceptance of personal responsibility; why we need to do more than eliminate what is undesirable from our speech and actions; how we must embrace a policy of rigorous self-honesty if we are to progress in our spiritual lives; why we can do no other than to love our neighbor and God exactly as we love ourselves and our many unrecognized encounters with God and His sometimes surprising agents of personal growth.

Learning from experience and cultivating the ability to live with doubt and uncertainty are, for the author, the essential equipment of the spiritual mountaineer.


There is a lot of autobiographical information in this book, but it also contains some profound thoughts that challenge the reader. Robert Page writes in an unusual style, addressing the reader very personally and sharing his story in an honest and open way. ....It is about the overwhelming love of God that this book is really about. Amazing, and a good read. ~ Mary Bartholomew, The Goodbookstall

This slender book offers a wonderful, shattering, enduring and most attractive revelation of the ways of God with a man locked for years in darkness and despair. His account is very earthed, rings true and radiates hope for all. ~ Fr Gerard W.Hughes SJ, Author of God of Surprises, Oh God, why? and other books

It is wisdom and vulnerability such as this that makes people grow, change, and discover their best self. Read THE PRESENCE to be inspired and challenged and comforted! ~ Fr Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Founder of Center for Action & Contemplation, Albuquerque, Author of Simplicity, Everything Belongs and other books

In the journey of surrender, the author unabashedly shares his deep, authentic, and sometimes soul wrenching experiences as a gift of unconditional love for all who choose to read his work. ~ Sister Julian Breitenbach PHJC, Founder of Namaste Center for Holistic Education, La Porte, Indiana

Robert Page
Robert Page As a young man Robert Page tried unsuccessfully to conform to what was expected of him. He failed, dropping unexpectedly out of medical scho...
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