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What is your sense of soul? Although we may each understand the word differently, we treasure a sense of who we are, what it is to be alive and awareness of an inner experience and connection with "something more." In The Quest you explore this sense of soul through a regular practice based on skills of spiritual reflection and be reviewing the story of your life journey, your encounter with spiritual experience and your efforts to live in a sacred way. Here you become the teller and explorer of your own story. You can find your own answers. You can deepen your spiritual life through the wisdom and insight of the world's religious traditions. You can revisit the building blocks of your beliefs and face the changes in your life. You can look more deeply at wholeness and connection and make your contribution to finding a new and better way.


This remarkable course draws on a wide variety of psychospiritual approaches, including psychosynthesis and experiences within Quakerism. The intent is to guide readers on the spiritual journey in a way that enables them to find their own answers through reflection and practical exercises. There is an emphasis on spiritual skills and the understanding of experience as well as a sophisticated understanding of the modern context. This is not another hyped up DIY book but rather a carefully considered and comprehensive guide to psychospiritual development. There is an invaluable reslource list at the back of the book as well as details of possible support groups of people engaged on the Quest. ~ , Scientific and Medical Network Review

So well written, constructed and presented, by a small independent group of individuals with many years experience in personal and spiritual growth, education and community, that it is a joy to work with. The Quest will enhance and deepen your spiritual life, and empower you to make positive changes. It is an Aladdin's cave of personal and spiritual growth springboards and can be dipped into for inspiration and returned to again and again. It is a life-long companion on the spiritual path and an outstanding achievement; it is a labour of love, created with love to bring more love into our world. ~ Susanna Michaelis, Caduceus

The Quest is a serious effective and intelligently structured approach to spiritual development for mature enquirers. I admire and am inspired by it. ~ William Bloom, Author of The Endorphin Effect and Soulution - The Holistic Manifesto

Joycelin Dawes
Joycelin Dawes The Quest was written by a team who had explored their own spirituality for many years. Their primary purpose was to create a book that hel...
Janice Dolley
Janice Dolley Following thirty years as a lecturer at the Open University, Janice Dolley is now Development Director of the Wrekin Trust, a charity for sp...
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Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI), The by Regina Dawn Akers

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Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

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