Reason for all Existence, The

Reason for all Existence, The

How existence at its fundamental level works.

The actual answer to why there is something rather than nothing.


The Reason for all Existence endeavours to explain why there is existence, rather than nothingness, by dissecting the fundamental principles/concepts of all existence, such as infinity, absolute zero and the ideas of good and evil. Familiar, earthly examples of these concepts are used along with their basic descriptions, so that the reader can better see how these concepts work and relate to the entirety of existence.
The Reason for all Existence should give individuals a clear idea of the reason why they exist at all, while aiding them to direct their life in a positive way.


The Reason for All Existence David McLeod O Books (John Hunt) 2014, 86 pp., £7.99, p/b. This is very much a book for the metaphysically inclined, dealing as it does with fundamental philosophical propositions and involving basic intuitive thinking to perceive whether a concept is true or not. Evolution is seen as creation, and growth as evolution. The two fundamental categories are those of pure nothingness and what the author calls Infinitum Perfectus representing the idea that every individual entity has reached its ultimate potential and has transcended its individuality. This is an eternal journey. The next two chapters deal with flow and the nature of good and evil in relation to right and wrong in terms of best and worst outcomes. Free will is discussed in relation to a continual and infinite series of reactions, which puts it in a different framework but neglects the openness of the life process going forward. The last chapter provides a diagrammatic representation of the thesis, which is in some ways similar to Whitehead’s idea of the prior and consequent natures of God, although this book stands on its own ground without any reference to any other thinkers. ~ Network Review, Spring 2015 No 117

Davis McLeod
Davis McLeod After venturing into the realm of loud music with my electric guitar during my mid to late teens, I finally realized that music creation was...
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