Returning to Sacred World

Returning to Sacred World

A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality

Powerful ancient and leading edge visions and teachings for healing ourselves and our world through meditation prayer and sacred plant practices.


Returning to Sacred World clearly and eloquently explains our spiritual predicament in this time of crisis and transformation, and offers extensively field tested teachings and tools for healing and awakening. These include meditation, prayer—especially as it's understood in the indigenous cosmos—and sacred plant medicines that elders say are here now as key allies to help us heal ourselves and our planet. Mystics and indigenous wisdom keepers are saying that an opening has now been created for a lifesaving vision, which arises from, and unites, all corners of the Earth. The vision tells us that to sustain our world we need to transcend dogmas, boundaries and hesitation. As intelligent spiritual beings, we are fully capable of awakening to our innate wisdom and our connectedness to each other, the living Earth, and the heart of the Great Spirit. Returning to Sacred World offers both an encompassing vision and practical guidance for manifesting this personal and planetary transformation.


Returning to Sacred World clearly and eloquently explains our spiritual predicament in this time of crisis and transformation, and offers extensively field tested teachings and tools for healing and awakening.

~ Gaiamedia

Central theme of this perceptive and well-reasoned book is how to engender a life-saving vision for planetary healing which mystics and indigenous wisdom-keepers are saying is becoming attainable, arising from and uniting cultures around the world. The message is that we must transcend dogmas and self-imposed boundaries and reactivate our innate wisdom and connectedness with each other and nature.

~ Geoff Ward,

Returning to Sacred World is an unusually articulate integration of ancient mystical wisdom and contemporary personal insights about how consciousness is shifting and transforming during these evolutionarily-crucial times. Stephen Gray has a strong, clear voice, and a wide-ranging, shamanically-knowledgable perspective. Hopeful, inspiring, and thoughtfully-written, the distilled wisdom that Gray presents in this precious volume is just what our wayward species needs--to help us awaken our higher selves from their spiritual slumber, and guide us through the impending global crisis toward a promising new horizon. ~ David Jay Brown, co-author of Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse and Mavericks of the Mind

Stephen Gray offers his readers a rare and unique gift with this wonderful book, bridging the divide between Buddhist teachings, Indigenous traditions, and the wisdom of the world of visionary plants and traditional medicines. Gray presents an in-depth look at the current spiritual, personal, and planetary crisis facing contemporary society, examining both the roots of our problems as well as sources of inspiration and teaching to help heal us of our self-imposed wounds and illusions. Filled with personal stories, inspiring quotes, and deep wisdom, all presented from the perspective of a humble spiritual seeker, this book is sure to provide answers for many who find themselves on the spiritual path and who seek their own healing, as well as the healing of our world. ~ Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., author of three popular books on entheogens: Mushroom Wisdom, Sage Spirit, and the Entheogenic Evolution.

Stephen is very real and a pleasure to be in conversation with. His book is excellent and a delight to read in a most refreshing way. His clear instructions will give readers the grounding, confidence, and encouragement to work with any of the medicines.

~ Ken Littlefish (Kanucas), highly-regarded Native American spiritual elder

I have been a professional writer and editor for many years. I’ve given Stephen’s manuscript a thorough read and have no hesitation in endorsing Returning to Sacred World as a valuable contribution to its field and an important book for anyone who cares about the future of the human endeavor. To put it in no uncertain terms, these are brilliant ideas whose time has come, and not a moment too soon. Stephen is also an excellent natural writer, the organization is coherent, and the central concern that we are in the midst of a great transformation on this planet presents a clear and passionate call to spiritual awakening and active engagement. ~ Dee Axelrod, former senior editor at YES magazine, journalist, novelist

Stephen Gray's book brings a unique, widely-seasoned—personally fascinating—and integrative perspective on the awakening journey in these tumultuous times. He doesn't shy away from the hard parts, and his authenticity and humility make this important information engaging and digestible.

~ Kolin Lymworth, owner, Banyen Books and Sound, Vancouver BC

Stephen Gray presents a compelling, and at times provocative, array of insights into our world’s growing crisis of well-being and the spiritual and day-to-day means available to all of us to heal and flourish. I firmly believe this work is unique in its encompassing scope and extremely important for our times. As an editor and writer of long experience I can also say with confidence that Stephen is a natural writer, able to communicate his message with clarity and to keep his reader fully engaged from start to finish. ~ John Wellwood, journalist and senior editor of Echo Memoirs Publishing, Vancouver BC.

Stephen Gray
Stephen Gray Stephen Gray of British Columbia, Canada, has forty years experience as a student, teacher and researcher of spiritual practices. Mirroring ...
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