The Go-for-it Girl's Guide to becoming mistress of your destiny

The Go-for-it Girl's Guide to Becoming Mistress of Your Destiny


Do you have any idea what it's like to be 'that' girl? The girl who is totally badass, speaks her truth, makes money, follows her heart and has crazy-mad adventures? The girl who people stop in the street and ask hey, g-friend, what is your secret?

When you're 'that' girl, there is no secret. You're SASSY.

SASSY, from the creatrix of, is a rather deliciously delightful cocktail of womanly arts, make-life-betterness and magickal chutzpah that will switch your 'I am awesome' levels to maxim-o. You will find ways to seek passion and pleasure, to dig on your sweet self and to know your fabulosity. You will be inspired beyond measure by interviews and insights from divine Daring Dames like Pleasure Provocateur, Sam Roddick and Queen of Burlesque, Immodesty Blaize, and most importantly, you will learn how to conjure up and invoke whatever it is you want in life, all while dancing to your very own beat and wearing completely inappropriate footwear.


Lisa Clark’s brand of girl power and self-help simply sparkles. She’s my glittery, go-to girlfriend guru, fueling my personal revolution of happiness and rockstar-ness. Her book, SASSY empowers you to luxuriate in your good vibes, embrace your inner Goddess wisdom, flaunt your va-va-voom, invoke your magickal muse, and kick out your courage and sassy-tude. This is spiritual, finishing school for the modern type of trailblazing, ass-kickin’, mystical gals. Womankind really needs this type of big-hearted, authentic catalytic guide for manifesting our heart’s desires and radically loving and accepting ourselves and our own super powers. This book will not only rock your world, but it will help you to rock it. ~ Lisa Marie Selow, Author of A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide

Lisa Clark is a magical writer with attitude. She struts her stuff because she knows it! SASSY is the perfect adjective for a woman whose writing beams energy, wit and knowledge. ~ Mary Bryce, It's Fate magazine

I completely fell in love with Lisa's concept of SASSYology and all it stands for. She supports other women in a non patronising and fun loving way - shining a pink spotlight on you and urging you to indulge in what you love and to love yourself without feeling guilty about it. Written in a simplistic, candid yet inspirational tone, Lisas words are motivional and peppered with humour and original phrases that Ive come to use and live by. I love the tip about looking at your life as a play list and if that play list is crap in places, delete a few tracks and design one you adore! But unlike other self help style books, this one gives you a guided tour of how to achieve it and makes you feel like Lisa is your best friend waving a bright pink flag and rolling out the pink carpet for you toward Destination Awesome. ~ Bethanie Lunn, Author of Modern Girl's Guide to Fabulousness

What a book! So much vibrant energy oozes from every page that it's like having your very own pom pom wielding cheerleader. This is the book if you want to open yourself up, to all you can be, in a fun vivacious, sensual way. Lisa writes naturally with laugh out loud humour and is so honest you’ll think you know her. Which you will. Chutzpah is an understatement. Read this, get your sass on. ~ Barbara Ford Hammond, Author of The Psychic Way: Fine-tuning Your Intuition

This is absolutely freakin' brilliant and every woman, actually not just every woman, but every man too, must read this. It'll inspire you to do great things from the first word. This book is electric and Lisa Clark is on fire. ~ Barefoot Doctor, Bestselling Author

SASSY is a fabtabulously sexy self-help book which will help you find your own super-hero girl power within! It oozes wisdom, humour and inspiration. From great tips on how to date yourself, to knowing your own fabulosity and trusting yourself, this is a guide-book for all modern day goddesses who want to live life large by being themselves. ~ Suzy Greaves, Author of Making The Big Leap

Lisa's lyrical, magical-sprinkled words light up the page with such gusto you feel ready to start actively setting about achieving your goals. It's like having that most marvelous of friend who is cheering you on all the way - with a side order of SASS, of course! Lisa is one of those amazing women who really wants to empower girl-kind and see you reach that potential, in fact, she insists on it. ~ Stephanie Brookes, Author of How to be a Spiritual Goddess: Bring a Little Cosmic Magic into Your Life

Lisa Clark is a shining magenta magnaplasm of incandescent light. Her words will strike deep into your heart and activate a world of what you already know is true: You are SASSY. You are a Goddess. You are capable and aglow and your very own superhero. A must read for every woman! ~ Goddess Leonie Dawson, Creator of

This book will not only make you grin from ear to ear, but it will motivate and support you in becoming a fearless, feisty female! Learn to love yourself and create the life of your dreams with the help of super sassy lady, Lisa Clark - you'll be glad you did. ~ Katy Evans, Editor of Soul&Spirit magazine

I love Sassy and its 'shaking her tail feather' Goddess author, Lisa Clark - we need more of this kind of supportive sisterhood ! She's a kindred spirit alright, she loves the beach (was possibly a mermaid in a former life) and gives us sassy tips to make the most of our Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual & Sensational selves! There's some great tips from simple ways to connect with spirituality through learning about Moon cycles (and taking a moon bath) and reminding yourself what makes you happy. It's an inspirational fun read to help you get back in balance and be your very own sassy self. I've signed up to being Sassy - will you? ~ Janey Lee Grace , author of Look Great Naturally without ditching the lipstick and runs

THIS is the book I've been waiting for. It's as if Lisa Clark has sat me down and told me everything I need to know about living life to its very fullest. THEN, she's called in her most inspiring friends too. It's sort of a lifestyle intervention. It's honest, open and funny and it's practical too.The advice and tools are there so that each reader can take out what they need and like me, will know that THEY have to do the work. Except that the work seems mostly fun and that's what's really good about it. It's a guide to living, working and being totally authentic and really, truly happy in every way. I feel like SASSY was written just for me but I suspect that everyone else might feel that way! ~ Lyndsey Whiteside, Owner, Inspired PR

Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark Lisa Clark is the creatrix of SASSYology – the awesomeness that occurs when women discover, align and combine their SASSY super-powers –...
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