Science of Family, The

Science of Family, The

Working with Ancestral Patterns

The Science of Family by Nikki Mackay explores ancestral patterns, which manifest themselves down the generations, using energy healing, tarot archetypes and family constellations.


Dead men tell no tales...em, actually they do and sometimes they do it very loudly. Your ancestors are a huge part of who, what, where and why you are the way you are today. Do you know, really know your parents or grandparents? What happened to them, what challenged them, what made them who they are or were? What happened in the family? Where are your roots? Patterns, energy, events and burdens from the past are carried down and are repeated through generations leaving an emotional, physical and spiritual imprint on the individual as they follow the fates of those that have gone before.

The Science of Family explores these patterns, their effects and how to work with them using techniques from the world of energy healing, tarot archetypes and family constellations.

Nikki Mackay is a family constellator, sound therapist, Reiki master,an experienced pyschic medium and editor of 'The WitchHiker's Guide' magazine.


Nikki MacKay explores the part your ancestors play in who, what, what, where and why you are the way you are today. ~ Cygnus Review

A useful introduction to this important field. ~ Network Review

Nikki has combined ancient wisdom with modern science. With her deep insights and depth of wisdom she draws on her own life experiences and ancestral lineage to bring knowledge of others ancestral journeys. Nikki brings us full circle integrating science and mysticism and bringing them together as one once more. ~ Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, The Highland Seer, author of \"The Heart of All Knowing\".

“A thoroughly interesting book that gives the reader information on how their life is energetically linked with their family and those who came before them, and also shows how they can resolve some of their current challenges through working with ancestral patterns.” ~ Dr David Hamilton,

"A fascinating and accessible introduction to ancestral family patterns. Nikki flawlessly weaves scientific thought, complementary therapies and her own healing experiences into this highly practical and understandable book. I really wanted to know more!" ~ Donald McKinney, Author of Walking the Mist, Celtic Angels and Why We Howl At the Moon.

Many of us are unknowingly trapped in patterns of the past that are not necessarily of our own making and yet influence our present experience of life in a myriad of ways. To know who we presently are as individuals and on what foundation our relations to our partner, our family, our friends, our vocation, the culture we live in, the bigger world et cetera, is build, an in-depth exploration of our past is much needed. In ‘The Science of Family’ Mackay provides just such exploration and in doing so dives deeply into the realms of ancestral patterning to bring forth remarkable insights and a very enlightening view on the dynamic make up of our personal identities and the soul’s journey. If you seek to cultivate a compassionate understanding of who you really are and wish to make a start unravelling the patterns that hold you back from who you're destined to become, ‘The Science of Family’ is an absolute gem and a wonderful guide book not to be missed! ~ Maarten Elout, Ceremonialist and facilitator of intensives andworkshops for personal development and spiritual growth.

Nikki Mackay
Nikki Mackay Nikki Mackay is a family constellator and an experienced historical medium. As a medical physicist she has researched the effects of ene...
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