Secret Power of the

Secret Power of the "F" Word, The

Handing over and Letting go

The Secret Power of the F word by Anne Hassett shows how to get away from ego-controlled struggle, stress and strain and find a better life.


The irreverent title of this book belies its deeply spiritual nature. The book is based on the very simple idea of stepping out of an ego controlled life with all its limitations, lack and mistakes and handing over to the Unlimited Power of Source through working from the Higher Self. It shows how to get away from struggle, stress and strain and effortlessly to step into a better, easier and more abundant life. It explains, in a simple and easy to understand way, who and what the ego and the Higher Self actually are. It aims to help the reader change his or her own life and will appeal to those who have tried all the methods of self improvement and still feel they are getting nowhere. This book shows you how to have an easier and better life with very little effort.
Anne Hassett has worked all over the world as a Psychic and Spiritual Counsellor. Find out more at .


Brilliant! I loved this book, Anne Hassett explains in plain language, how easy it can be to get out of your own way, start enjoying the life you're living and create the life you want! Easy to read and very informative, I'll be referring to this book again and again. ~ Julie Cook, (Bath, UK) Amazon review

This book is a fantastic read, once I started the first page I could not put it down. I read it from beginning to end and felt like reading it again. Everything she says is correct we have all tried one way or another to get rid of pent up tension and feelings and this is the best and non-complicated way of doing it. One word describes this book BRILLIANT. ~ Mrs. T. M. Gore, Amazon review

Wow! What a timely book in a world where there is so much stress and dilemma! I loved it. The wisdom, humour, insights ... it ticked all my boxes. Anne Hassett writes seamlessly and easily, awakening one to a vastly better attitude to life. This is the best self help book I have come across. ~ Ysanne Lewis, Astrologer and writer, Guildford, Surrey, Amazon review

I loved reading this book, It was so easy and such fun to read. This book explains it clearly, and makes it so easy to take that huge leap forward in letting go of the things that used to prevent me being who I truly am. M.O.F.I.A. Rocks. Thank you Anne. ~ Ms. F. Flanigan, Wales. Amazon review

This book has really given me the tools to change my life. Don't be put off by the title, as this is a very interesting and well written book. It is written with good humour and this has helped me not to take life so seriously. ~ Mr. Eddie Gore, Amazon review

Denise Linn. U.S.A Billie Dean. Australia. Ros Hemsworth U.K See below ~

Anne Hassett’s book is a breath of fresh air. It’s gritty, passionate and it firmly (yet lovingly) takes you by the hand and says this is the way to freedom, bliss and joy. I highly recommend this book. ~ Denise Linn International author, Hay House author of, among many, Secrets and Mysteries

I loved Anne's candour and lively sense of humour!! This book ripples with it and is a breath of fresh air! I love to learn with a grin, and this book had me nodding and grinning all the way through. ~ Billie Dean, writer/director of Finding Joy and Seven Days with Seven Dogs

Anne has a wonderful talent and her words flow fluently in an easy to read style. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. ~ Ross Hemsworth .Managing Director of Glastonbury Radio, TV Producer and Director

Anne Hassett
Anne Hassett Anne Hassett has worked as a Psychic and Spiritual Counsellor for twenty eight years. She has worked all over the world including Australia,...
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