Seeker's Guide to a Life worth Living, A

Seeker's Guide to a Life worth Living, A

A series of short articles on aspects of life and the lessons learnt, particularly through people who have touched the author's life.


A Seeker's Guide to a Life worth Living offers a series of short articles on aspects of life and the lessons learnt, particularly through the people who have touched the author’s life.


I am enjoying your book, it is so real. I read a chapter at a time and reflect on the message. These are experiences many have had and the learning is so relevant. ......this book will be a blessing to many lives. ~ Beth

I have started to read [the book], it’s very good… like the style of writing. ~ Duncan

I bought 'A Life Worth Living' and thought I'd let you know that I am enjoying it. It is simple but I appreciate your positive spin on the world, and your hopes for a better world future are gently shining though. Your perspective is encouraging… I am intrigued as to how you keep this perspective and if you think we will ride through these turbulent times towards something more positive. I am quite compelled to have a break from the news and media, as you suggest in the book! Anyway, I'm glad your contact details were in the back as I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for putting together your thoughts, and it is providing a thoughtful read. ~ Romilly

Just a few lines to let you know how I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. I love the beautiful photo of yellow sunflowers and violet thistles on the cover and also the bits and pieces that I have read here and there in your book so far. These are truly the golden rules of a Life worth living, based on wisdom of the ages and the eternal truth. Flora Thanks so much for your book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I've sent the flyer to friends and hope it sells well as it really deserves it. Your book helped me to cope with the fact that we sometimes need to grasp opportunities and not try to make something work that just won't work. Sue Thank you so much for sending a copy of your new book. It looks great and reads very well. I like to open it at random and find a message. I just opened to your walk through Epping Forest. Inspiring. Carol You have collected so many uplifting stories which give us insights, wisdom and the positive look on the life. The book makes me really feel that my life is worth living as the title says. Yukari ~ various

In her new book Jili Hamilton makes it clear she is a master teacher. The depth of the well from which she draws her wisdom is unfathomable because she is so deeply rooted in Infinite Presence. There seems to be no area of one’s life in which she is not able to offer insights, inspiration, and motivation. I love this book because the writings are, each unto their own, tasty, profound, and easy to assimilate, tidbits of truth. If you are serious in your intent to create a life truly worth living this is a book you will want to read, perhaps more than once. ~ Dennis Merritt Jones, Author of The Art of Uncertainty - How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love, and motivational speaker

Jili Hamilton has done her homework--and more! A Seeker's Guide is a wonderful and wise companion on our own journey. It's packed with powerful spiritual principles, sparkling insights, and--best of all--illustrative stories we can all relate to. Hamilton goes the extra mile to show just how unpredictable and worthwhile each day can be if we stay awake. ~ Carol Adrienne, Ph.D. author of, The Purpose of Your Life

In this book Jili expresses in one sentence that which we all should take note of. "We are capable of far more than we imagine". This is a work of considerable depth and understanding. It suggests that it is the striving for power and money with no thought for others that creates a flaw through, and by which we are constantly defeated. It teaches us to discover peace, knowledge and sharing which will bring harmony and ultimately, through this, we will find success. In Jili's words "As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way". ~ George Alexanda, author of Birch - The Beginning

I have known Jili for many years during which time she has been an inspiration to many people. She is a very spiritual person and has spread many gems of wisdom during the years. Long may she continue to do so. ~ Kate Lawrence, Holistic Healers Association

Jili Hamilton
Jili Hamilton Jili Hamilton is a translator, proofreader, writer, teacher and therapist. She has been working on most of these activities for many years, ...
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