Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth

Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth

This book presents Self Enquiry "in the raw": a concise,simple guide clarifying for the seeker a Practice that is both radical and profound.


In stripping away the flowery language, the sugar coating so to speak, the author is aware that he is presenting Self Enquiry as the challenging Practice it is designed to be, directly, "in the raw". But then this will take you to an important question: Who or what is being challenged? What is it within you that creates this resistance, doubt and fear? This is your first opportunity to go to the source, to step back from this anxiety and concern and see it for what it is: the many-layered mind with all its attachments continuing its game-playing in an effort to remain in control. In being prepared to swallow what seems to be a bitter pill you are taken directly to what matters: the path to Truth.


Michael Vincent's book "Self Enquiry: On Being You" is a map into the spiritual realm tracing in a most compelling and evocative manner the way back home to our essence, to that deep place of love felt in Truth. The Practice described by the author, with minute practical detail, revolves around the quintessential question "Who Am I?" proposing to the reader a liberating journey of releasing false identities until the real nature of "I" is fully exposed and transcended. The book is full of inspiration and warm heart-felt encouragement for the seeker to pursue with determination their path of self-discovery, a compass for their personal "journey into Truth". The author's words are accompanied by his art work which is extremely refined in the way in complements reflection within the Practice as we discover our true nature. The book reveals a profound thinker into the nature of reality along with a great inspirational writer who offers us a useful tool for a journey of self-discovery. ~ Carmen Olariu, Managing Partner at the Britanica Learning Centre, Bucharest.Yoga and Meditation Practitioner, Bucharest.

In his book Michael Vincent shares the powerful tool of Self Enquiry with seasoned clarity and precision. Whether you are new to the process of introspection or already on the path of enquiry you will find support, nourishment and value here. Complementing an explanation of the process with his beautiful and unique artwork Michael gently, firmly and repeatedly guides you towards the living Truth of the Self. The direct experience of the Self is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss and this book will be of great benefit in recognising, realising and actualising this. ~ J.M. Harrison, author of Naked Being

Thank you very much for writing this book. It comes at a time when I am being challenged more than ever by my unconscious and conditioned thoughts as I continue to delve deeper inwardly to uproot the unreal and rediscover the Truth. Your words have served as a simple, clear and powerful reminder yet again that to recognise who I really am nothing more that commitment to the question "Who Am I"? and looking closely at what arises is required. I know this line of Self Enquiry to be authentic because my heart confirms it so. I look forward to seeing your book in print and may it be read by many who are drawn to this Practice. ~ Christopher Poglioni, Self Enquiry Devotee

In this lovely book Michael skillfully points the way. He re-connects us and reminds us of our true heritage. Jack Kerouac once poetically described this ever present treasure as the "Golden Eternity". Michael is a gentle truth seeker whose journeying is authentic. He walks firmly beyond the talk with his simple, profound and yet elusive message of Truth, Love and Light found throughout the pages. Highly recommended "A Journey into Truth" is a generous open call to Spirit. ~ Mark Pogson, Founder Magpie QiGong, Shiatsu Master

Michaels work in Self Enquiry, and his new book, are profound in a very direct way: they connect me to what I once knew as a child reminding me of what has always been there. Michael avoids verbiage in this book which has a rawness and simplicity I find very refreshing. He reminds us that connecting to one's inner self is not about adding on but about de-layering, letting go. Whether you are a beginner on your road to finding Truth and need a good map, or a well-traveled soul who just needs a little reminding I thoroughly recommend Michael's book "A Journey Into Truth". It is direct, easy to comprehend and an essential tool that will connect you to your Truth and source of Being. ~ Linda Byrne, Founder LVB Dance, Self Enquiry Devotee

For me Self Enquiry is an absolute cornerstone of any authentic spiritual pathway. So many people seem to pass it by these days flocking rather to dance workshops or Tantra seeking connection. But Self Enquiry is the royal route to the centre of Being and I think it is wonderful that Michael has written this clear and easy to read guide. I hope it will inspire many more people to engage with this wonderful Practice. ~ Devaraj Sandberg, Director, Osho Leela, Dorset

Michael Vincent
Michael Vincent Born in 1949 I have been a painter and writer throughout my life. Inspired by nature in front of the living, vibrant landscape painting has ...
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