Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!)

Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!)

A Life of Challenges, Change and Miracles

Think magic belongs only on the stage or in the imagination of young children? This book will teach you to reconsider and experience again!


Think magic belongs only on the stage or in the imagination of young children? This book will teach you to reconsider and experience again!
The author, 30 years a creative and TV scriptwriter, stumbled into becoming a healer when, totally unexpectedly, the awakened energy in the palms of her hands roused a terminally-ill cancer patient from an unresponsive state. The narrative of extraordinary events in her life can only be described as magical and is captured in the premise of this book: Magic is available to all of us. It is our birthright, calling to us during times of great hardship and difficulty. When we allow it into our lives, amazing transformations can and do take place. Throughout the book there are many examples and testimonials to support the sometimes hard-to-believe scenarios of a magical existence.
Included in this book is a practical self-help 'Allowing Handbook' divided into two parts. The first section (Magic) describes sixteen magical elements of the universe – fundamentals that can positively transform our perception of the outer world and bring peace and harmony to our inner existence. The second section (Brown Stuff) lists seventeen different scenarios that may resonate with the reader and the challenges they may be facing right now in their life. Within each of these different sections are dynamic tips and techniques that are designed to help shift the Brown Stuff, resolve difficulties, and get to the Magic. Many testimonials and real-life examples illustrate the points made.


Carmen Harris, through many insights from her own powerful life story, reveals a soulful path through life’s twists and turns and hard knocks to find the quintessential magic of existence. Inspiring and colourful, this book is for anyone who feels they are moving two steps forward and several paces back. If you feel overwhelmed or lost this book will dust you down and inspire you on your merry way. ~ Steve Nobel, Director of Alternatives, St. James's Church, Piccadilly, London (2000-2012), coach, and author of Personal Transitions

Carmen Harris has produced a gift for the open minded. This book documents the incredible journey of an ordinary single mother who has evolved to become not only an accomplished, inspirational writer but a truly gifted healer. It's a testament to the miracle of life itself, to the magic that can be born of resilience, and to the wonderful experiences that we are afforded when we are brave enough to have the courage of our convictions. You cannot read this book without being moved. You cannot arrive at the end without a transformation of your own. Sh*t Happens touches nerves, opens old wounds, yet by the end wraps you up in a blanket of wisdom and guidance. Whether you are religious, spiritual or a seeker with a broad mind - enjoy the ride, bumps and all, and, like the author, end the journey in a remarkable place. ~ Brenda Emmanus, Broadcaster, Journalist, Art, Fashion & Culture Correspondent

It takes a generosity of spirit to share one’s personal failings as well as triumphs so as to help others recognise their own potential. Highlighting her remarkable life experiences, Carmen Harris writes of her belief that being open to the magic of the everyday – whether revealed as synchronicity or coincidence – can miraculously transform perceptions and lead to inner harmony. She also suggests dynamic techniques for dealing with a range of challenges, while reminding us that our dreams contain the truth of who we are: “I believe that we are both the main character and the playwright of our own life story. Consciously or unconsciously, we not only get to choose the part we play, we also select the story that needs telling, and co-author that story with other major and minor role-players (friends, family, authority figures, strangers, acquaintances). We are that powerful, if only we knew it. Another compelling principle we may not be aware of is that for every action we take in life, there is a corresponding reaction. Our thoughts alone amount to action.” An inspirational read. ~ Margaret Busby, OBE

Sh*t Happens is a remarkably profound, enjoyable and spiritually valuable book – and Carmen Harris is a wonderful, inspired writer. Her every phrase sparkles with spontaneous, heartfelt wisdom, and echoes deep into a subconscious treasure chest of not just a life, but a dream life profoundly explored. This book is the richly told, moving and inspiring story of how her heartfelt embrace of her dreams since childhood – her nighttime dreams, her unusual no-mind daydreams, and the dreams and aspiration of her heart, led her out of the poverty she grew up with and gradually turned her into a successful television writer and masterful healer. Sh*t Happens is also a wise and practical manual for learning how to successfully steer our personal boats through the inevitable storms on the ocean of life, by learning to recognize the magic hidden within every difficult situation we may face. That magic, Harris says, can be revealed and manifested “if we allow it,” if we simply learn to notice the blessings disguised within all our failures and times of trouble, and sense the invisible rescuing hand which pulls us out of whatever dark pits we may fall into. Her potentially lifesaving message is one of personal empowerment through awareness of divine synchronicities, of learning to believe in ourselves, in the power of our own thoughts, and the potency of our connection with a universal Source. Although inspiring teachings flow throughout the book, it isn’t for a moment preachy; Carmen Harris’ wisdom shines through the gems she shares of her own life experiences. Though her story is not all rosy – some of it is a bit nightmarish – the roller coaster ride from wild successes to depressing failures, blazing illuminations and dark nights of the soul is as thoroughly entertaining as you’d expect from the writer of comedic television scripts! Thankfully, it is not only success as a writer she discovered, but spiritual awakening, extraordinary healing powers, and a source of living wisdom we can all benefit from. And she leaves us numerous clues and signposts so that we may follow in her footsteps to find our own dreams fulfilled, our hearts awakened, and our innate capacities for healing fully blossomed. Give yourself a blessing, read Sh*t Happens and watch the magic follow in your own life. ~ Ram Das Batchelder, Author of Rising in Love: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now, with Amma, the Hugging Saint

Carmen Harris has achieved a great deal in her life, overcoming many obstacles to become a successful writer, healer and all round 'good egg'. But what distinguishes her book from others is that she has a unique voice - down to earth, honest, funny. Even though she is fully conversant with all manner of alternative therapies, treatments, philosophies etc. she can laugh at the slightly 'out there' side of it all - while at the same time communicate a powerful spiritual message from which everyone and anyone could benefit. She knows only too well about the shit that comes everyone's way but unlike most, she gives you a way of handling it which anyone can follow. This is a book for everyone, whether you are conversant with or an expert in alternative therapies or someone who has never gone anywhere near that stuff. It is straightforward, kind and honest and full of insights. It is a great read - I highly recommend it. ~ Rachel Swann, Producer (ex-Agent Harry Enfield)

Carmen’s rare gift is to talk to you in the kind of no-nonsense language that at the same time cuts through the drama and truly empowers. This book is a powerful tool to help her readers connect the dots in their own lives and allow the grace to flood straight back in. This lady is one of life’s bright lights, who really walks her talk. Her pulls-no-punches teachings and matter-of-fact wisdom is a testament to that. ~ Stephen Vasconcellos-Sharpe, Publisher Global CEO Magazine

Following the dictum ‘Know Thyself,’ the author embarks on a magnificent journey of self-discovery. Join her on the journey and revel in the magic and the mystery! ~ Pavel Mikoloski, President of SuperPosition Publicity and former Marketer of the film “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?”

Being enlightening, whilst maintaining a humorous perspective on life is no easy feat, but Carmen manages to achieve it effortlessly. This book takes you gently by the hand and leads you on an intimate journey from Carmen’s first awareness of her healing ability through the fascinating steps she took to hone and understand where this ‘gift’ comes from, and how we all possess it and can learn to use it in our own lives to create huge shifts in perspective; emotional and physical healing; and to discover and manifest our hearts desires! I have had countless sessions with Carmen over the years and yet I never cease to be amazed at the transformative power of the work she does. Every single time I have seen her my life has altered in such positive and profound ways that I've been left speechless. I feel extremely blessed to have her as my healer and therapist, and for the privilege of being able to call her ‘my mum’. ~ Naomie Harris, Actress, UK, Hollywood

It is such a great privilege to write of my love for Carmen Harris and to acknowledge her for the difference she has made in my life. I went to see Carmen on the eye of an emotional storm. I am clear now that I was guided, or you could say, ‘sent’ to Carmen. It still amazes me how natural it all was, like meeting an old family friend, when we met for the first time – because that is the nature of Carmen, she receives you with pure Love. I had not imagined that this would be the start of my journey of transformation. In that one session she peeled away all the crusty layers of experience that had had me blocked to the point of deep stagnation. From that moment onward my life has been unfolding in the most magical and magnificent of ways. I am clear and without a shadow of a doubt that Carmen is being used as a channel for the greatest good in this world. She has touched my spirit and my life in the most profound way. Her work is so deep that it unfolds over time – not a one-shot-slam-bam-thank-you-mam kind of thing. Hers is an immeasurable commitment to greatest potential in all beings; to generosity and to love – simply, she heals. From the depths of my heart I thank you Carmen and I pray for your continued ability to touch many more lives as you have touched mine. Love, Peace, Abundance and many Blessings, ~ Maureen Angela Bryan, Producer, Director, Creator of Voice Of A Woman

When you are in trouble and you need help it is very important to find the right person who can support you. But the task is more than just difficult; you can visit ten people and still not find the right one. I am a lucky person. I found Carmen. Her kindness, spirit, knowledge and understanding of the psychology of people is extraordinary. ~ Elena Ragozhina, Owner/Publisher, New Style Magazine

Carmen's unique perspective on life challenges her readers to think and to re-evaluate their own perceptions and experiences, safe in the knowledge that all will be well!! A rare gift indeed! ~ Barbara Emile, ex-BBC Executive Producer - Bafta winner, Holby City

Amidst a world dominated by self-interest and exaggerated talents, Carmen is a very rare find. A truly authentic energy healer, she directed my subconscious mind to reveal the core issue that was blocking me, allowing her to clear and heal at the most profound level whilst simultaneously empowering faith in my own ability to find solutions to life’s challenges. ~ Caroline Evans, Founder, Moncrief + founding creative force/director behind Jigsaw and Hoxton Hotel

Carmen Harris
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