Silent Voices of the Soul

Silent Voices of the Soul

How to Recognize the Spiritual Messages in Everyday Life

Enlightenment can happen anywhere. Spiritual messages are everywhere. This guide demystifies awareness.


Enlightenment can happen anywhere. Spiritual messages are everywhere. There is no need to travel to India, meditate in an ashram, and wait for an epiphany. A revelation can find you while you are cleaning out the refrigerator. Spirit is always telling you the truth;Silent Voices of the Soul shows you how to recognize the whisper. There is a direct connection between the world around us and the world within us. Silent Voices of the Soul consistently proves this truth. It illustrates that, what is happening to us and around us, is a reflection of our soul’s condition. In order to attract abundance we must be aligned with the limitless creative energies of the universe. Our thoughts, intentions and actions must be rooted in the energy of truth. This book teaches us how to have an intentionally positive conversation with Spirit. It reminds us that, in order to invite Good into our lives, we must be who we really are.


I loved reading Silent Voices of the Soul, it was a light touch into what can sometimes be a somewhat technical or complex subject. Robin has created an easy to understand landscape by offering examples from her own life, which for me made this a very readable and enjoyable book. I’d recommend this book to anyone and everyone, as you listen to your own special ‘musical’ composition created just for you, by your own soul awakening. ~ Colin Whitby, The Magic of Being

It is best absorbed in small doses, to give the ideas and concepts a chance to work their way into your subconscious and do their job. I am sure this book will find a large, appreciative audience. It is one which is needed and Ms Vella's approach, which may be simplistic, is easily understood and applicable by anyone. ~ Mike Gleason

We are told to listen to Spirit. How? Robin crafts the words in this book to help you do that. Don't believe in miracles?...turn a few pages. Think you need to go to India?...just sit in your own backyard. From truth to transformation, or dreams to intention–chapter by chapter she leads you to remember what you already knew a long time ago.

~ Linda Redman, Eagleye One Magazine

In a gentle and yet spell-binding way Robin Vella explains how to live your life through the natural guidance we can all receive if we listen hard enough to our intuition. Silent Voices of the Soul is a perfectly paced manual on how to hear your inner voice and lead the life you're meant to lead. If you've ever doubted that you can perform this miracle for yourself–then this is the book for you. ~ Jenny Smedley:, author of Pets Have Souls Too and Angel Whispers

The voice that speaks to you throughout these pages is loving, quiet and very wise. We all need more of this kind of message. ~ Karen Casey, Ph.D., author of Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow and Each Day a New Beginning

Robin Leigh Vella
Robin Leigh Vella Robin Leigh Vella is a gifted spiritual healer, dedicated to helping people expand their awareness. As a self-empowerment guide and channel ...
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