Soul Comfort

Soul Comfort

Uplifting insights into the nature of grief, death, consciousness and love for transformation

Uplifting, unique and thought-provoking spiritual insights into the nature of grief, death, consciousness and love for healing and positive transformation.


Grief is a normal, instinctive response to loss or impending loss. Grief changes whoever it touches without discrimination. Embracing the change is key for healing and positive transformation.
Introspection or reflection can be a useful, perhaps therapeutic, process when you are grieving. Indeed, silence, reflection, love and humility are the most precious offerings on the sacred altar of the soul.
Soul Comfort is the first book to examine grief holistically through concise insights into the related concepts of consciousness, death and love for healing and positive transformation.
Death does not extinguish consciousness. Death transforms and distils consciousness. And the grief you feel for someone is proportionate to the love you feel for them - the deeper your love, the deeper your grief.
Uplifting, unique and thought-provoking insights from the author of The Audible Life Stream: Ancient Secret of Dying While Living will offer comfort to your soul and may profoundly change your perceptions of grief, death, consciousness, love and transformation. If your perceptions are changed, you will know that your own transformative journey has begun.


This is a reflective book on grief through the related concepts of consciousness, love, death and transformation. Death implies grief for the survivors but this will be affected by the person’s understanding of life and death. The author’s overall view is that death does not extinguish consciousness but transforms and distils it by removing the outermost layer of the ego to reveal a deeper soul consciousness. To see death spiritually is to experience grief in the same way and be open to transformation. He also takes NDEs as actual experiences of death. Conwell’s propositions are both factual and poetic, inviting deeper reflection as the reader progresses. He sees consciousness as a connective ground, love as indestructible, death as a transition to a new state of consciousness, grief as the pain of love, and transformation as a part of the spiritual journey. This is uplifting while being based on deep insights into the processes involved. My only caution is the overuse of ‘merely’ – one can understand why it is used but death is not ‘merely’ the conclusion of a single chapter of life. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

Soul Comfort presents a set of cohesive ideas about consciousness, love, death and grief: these are ideas that are inherent in human experience, and therefore relevant to us all, however much we may want to avoid thinking about them – until we are faced with the inevitable. Whether we’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, or simply exploring the nature of human existence, Alistair Conwell makes it easy for us in this very accessible book. It’s a deceptively quick and easy read, almost aphoristic in style and divided into bite-sized chunks. I read it in an afternoon, but not for the last time. I have spent many months exploring death and what lies beyond, but seldom have I come across a work that spoke so directly to the innate wisdom in my soul. Some readers may be looking for rational arguments or evidence to support the statements presented here, but as someone who has recently experienced the death of someone close and dearly loved, I saw no need to justify what I know to be true. I found my own experience reflected in Conwell’s words and was comforted by the sharing of these profound universal truths. I will be dipping in again and again, and buying copies for friends to soothe them in the face of the bewilderment and pain that grief brings. There are, indeed, gifts to be found amidst the pain of loss, and Alistair Conwell is skilful in guiding us to them. ~ Cheryl Smith, Amazon (UK)

Alistair offers a comforting approach to those dealing with grief in this beautiful profound book that focuses on the soul to soul, heart to heart connection that goes so far beyond this physical universe. 'Soul Comfort' reminds us that consciousness transcends all, including the death of the physical body, and a grieving heart truly is a loving Soul and love is an eternal connection. ~ Andrea R. Garrison, author of 'The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl' and Host/Producer of 'Online With Andrea'

A profound and poetic articulation of the nature of soul, consciousness and the spiritual connections we share with loved ones in this life and beyond. It should provide much comfort to those grieving a loss. ~ Miriam Knight, Publisher and Editor, ‘New Consciousness Review’

This lovely book is one that can be read over and over again and new insights will arise with each reading. Death and grief are things that will come to us all so this book could be of great help to each one of us at some point in our lives. It offers a deeply spiritual perspective of death, and consequently, life. Read this book often, very slowly and with an open mind and it could give you a completely different understanding of both life and death. ~ Dr Penny Sartori, author of 'The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences'

The perceived finality of physical death is at the core of grief and suffering. In 'Soul Comfort', Alistair Conwell provides light to those who see only darkness, as he recognizes what he describes as the 'dance between the heart and the soul'. Instead of providing a roadmap to guide you through perceived steps of grief, Alistair recognizes that grief, death, consciousness and love are inexorably intertwined in the continuum of life...[and] gently guides the reader towards an understanding that spiritual union and shared consciousness are never ending. Those who are fortunate to read 'Soul Comfort' will undoubtedly replace fear with understanding as they continue on their soul’s journey. ~ Bob Ginsberg, Co-founder, Forever Family Foundation

This book will be so affirming to those who already realize that the soul connections we have with loved ones are not severed by death. And, it will be eye-opening for those people who are just realizing that the...non-physical is our natural state of being...Conwell contends that exploring the subjects of life and death can provide the ultimate transformational, personal experience, if we are open to it. ‘Soul Comfort’ is affirming and calming. I have added it to my recommended reading list for anyone creating the next chapter of life…after loss. ~ Lynne McCollum Staley, Grief Recovery Specialist, Life After Loss Coach, and author of ‘In Death is the Secret to Life’

In a society, and arena of care, where spirituality is too often neglected or at best misunderstood as religion, comes along a book that firmly places spirituality, consciousness and the meaning of life and death in the forefront of its considerations. As someone who has both journeyed with dying and grieving people and experienced my own major losses, I can honestly convey my sense of being so moved by 'Soul Comfort'. For its poetry and flow, for its digestible, bite-sized reflections, and for the sincerity and wisdom held within its pages, this book offers its reader an opportunity to explore the depths and heights of our Being-ness. If the person facing the end of life, or the person grieving the loss of a loved one, imbibes the knowledge, not in its rational sense, but rather that true knowingness, there is no doubt that solace and comfort will arise within. Now is the time we stepped into this understanding of who we truly are and what happens when we love, connect and die. ~ Dr Monika Wilson, psychotherapist, teacher and founder of ReConnections Counselling Service

Alistair Conwell
Alistair Conwell Alistair Conwell was born in India and lives in Australia. He has two psychology degrees. In the early 1990s, Alistair spent three year...
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