Soul Power

Soul Power


What are the tools for empowering the soul? How do you cultivate the power of presence? How do you create inner stability in times of chaos? Where does humility meet mastery? These are just some of the threads of spiritual inquiry that Nikki de Carteret weaves into a tapestry of Soul Power. Juxtaposing fascinating teachings from the ancient mystics with stories of modern seekers, as well as her own extraordinary journey towards wholeness, de Carteret invites you to explore the factors that drain your spiritual energy, and what transformational forces restore it. Written in a poetic and meditative style this book is a discovery of spirit and of spiritual growth. Examining themes such as love, enlightenment, compassion silence, synchronicity, dark night of the soul, harmony, and bliss, it serves as a friendly road map to the spiritual process.


An autobiographical and instructional book that goes through the stages of the spiritual journey, beginning with knowledge and practice, then moving on to the dark night of the soul, illumination, surrender and bliss. there are exercises and guidance woven into the text, which draws on the author's experiences and insight as a practitioner of raja yoga as well as on classic texts. It is a personal testimony that will create many resonances for the fellow seeker. ~ , Scientific and Medical Network Review

This may be one of the finest books in its genre today. Using scenes from her own life and growth, Nikki de Carteret weaves wisdom about soul growth and the power of love and transcendent wisdom gleaned from the writings of the mystics. This is a book that I will read gain and again as a reference for my own soul growth. She is a scholar who is totally accessible and grounded in the human experience. ~ Betty Villiard, Educator, Barnes and Noble review

A unique combination of scholarly research and hands-on experience. Soul Power is a fascinating and useful mannual for those already on the path to spiritual realization. ~ Michael Rymer, Hollywood film director

I have, quite simply, never before read a book that made me feel so keenly the love of God or sense so many possibilities for a relationship with the Divine. De Carteret's special gift is taking spiritual concepts that other writers make difficult, and putting them into language that flows directly to our understanding. Many of these chapters resonate deeply within my heart, and I have become so much more vibrantly alive from reading them. Some say we live in a secular age, but the power of this book is that it shows how contemporary men and women, caught up in all the complexities and paradoxes of our times, can still experience a deepening commitment to spiritual growth, service and joy. ~ Joy Parker, Co-author of Woman Who Glows in the Dark and Maya Cosmos

Soul Power is straight from the heart from a true spiritual healer. De Carteret writes powerfully and credibly about spirituality because she lives spirituality not just day be day, but minute by minute. ~ Alan Hobson, Mt. Everest Climber and Summiteer, Author of From Everest to Enlightenment - An Adventure of Soul

In this beautiful and touching expression of the spiritual journey, Ms de Carteret shares her own experiences and observations of the path of the mystic at the same time that she integrates her knowledge and wisdom. I found myself receiving nourishment for my own spiritual journey as I read different sections of de Carteret's book. Given where I was at the particular time, some stages offered me reflection of where I've been, others gave me encouragement for where I am and yet others presented me with a glimpse into where I will go as I quest for a deeper, more personal relationship with God and a greater fullness of authenticity within myself. ~ Barbara Shipka, Author of Leadership in a Challenging World.

Nikki de Carteret
Nikki de Carteret Nikki de Carteret is an international speaker, seminar leader and teacher of meditation. She divides her time between North America, Europe ...

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