Living your soul story

SoulWorks: Living the life you want … and being who you want to be


Your life has a thread. It tells where you’ve been and what you’ve done. It shows when one incident led to another. It explains how things turned out this way.

But your life has a deeper pattern. This one links the people, places and events that matter to you. It shows how early experiences connect with later ones. It shows why incidents have significance and meaning. This deeper narrative is your soul story. It lets you see themes and patterns in your life. It helps you work out who you are... and where you want to be.

Soul Works draws on profound insights from psychology and anthropology. It combines these with a wide range of applied tools and techniques. Blending spiritual insight with practical work, this is a handbook for creating, and living, your own life.


What makes ‘SoulWorks’ such a useful book is that it deals in terms of themes that run through people's lives rather than simply the narratives. Lives do have patterns, there is a direction - and when we tune into these deeper structures, we get a sense of meaning which can then inform everything we do. The result is often a profound shift rather than a superficial change.  Jane also has the gift for expressing complex truths simply, for making the abstruse accessible. This is a must read for anyone interested in self-development, the mind and the way we function as human beings in the world. ~ Dr Shomit Mitter, M.Phil (Oxon), PhD (Cantab)

This is a beautiful book which can really help people who are feeling stuck or low, or who would like to change aspects of their life. It has a wealth of interesting connections about the mind, body, soul and makes a fascinating link with music and myth, interwoven with the author's personal reflection. The book provides practical steps and visualisations to engage the reader in doing the work, moving the reader forward to having more agency in their life experience. ~ Miranda Kersley BSc (Hons) Psych, Neuro-Linguistic practitioner and life coach

If you’ve fallen foul of the Western dilemma of disillusionment with what you have, then this is surely the antidote. Practical, pragmatic and concise, this book is backed by science, anecdote and experience. Jane's work cleverly weaves together nuggets of wisdom from sources as wide-ranging as Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Buddhism. Discover what matters to you; what’s truly important; what brings you joy and nourishment. Live passionately. Live purposefully. Live your Soul Story. ~ Bridget Finklaire, Consultant Therapist & Advanced Hypnotherapist

Using tried and tested exercises and her in-depth understanding of myth and traditional tales, Jane Bailey Bain offers you a simple yet profound way to explore your own soul story. ~ John Kent, Director, Voice Dialogue UK

'SoulWorks' is about rediscovering your personal potential to be a healthful balanced individual to the absolute best of your ability. It combines western and eastern approaches to psychology and philosophy which inspire you to create your very own life story. There are plenty of practical exercises to help readers apply their new-found wisdom to everyday situations. Jane writes with empathy and insight, and this book makes an original contribution to the popular field of spiritual development.  If you're at a crossroads in your life looking for a new approach, 'SoulWorks' provides both inspiration and practical guidance. ~ Anna J Cherry, Author & Editor, The Habitat Affect

Jane provides a fresh and easily accessible perspective upon an important topic for an age of seismic changes. Right now, identity and purpose are centrally important to personal evolution and success and the market for such insights is strong and growing. This field is one in which I have experience and serve using online video but using slightly different techniques. There is clearly demand out there for ‘spiritually oriented’ content in self-discovery and development.  Fresh approaches are always welcomed and make the whole space more attractive to the growing band of seekers of meaning. ~ Peter Urey, Director, Find Your Path

The theme of the 'soul story' in which associations between people, places and events bring deep and multifaceted meaning to our lives is very important to good mental health. Often people in crisis are poor historians of their own lives. Recovery comes when they are able to explore their past, the influences and experiences that have shaped them: in other words, to first discover and then narrate their own stories. Jane provides inspiration for us all, as well as practical resources to guide us through the hurly-burly of everyday life. ~ Gillian Wood, MBPsS

Jane Bailey Bain
Jane Bailey Bain Jane Bailey Bain is an author, speaker and creative coach. She studied Psychology (BA) at Oxford University and Social Anthropology (MSc) at...

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