Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools

Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools

Just who are we?

Spiritual Revolution - liberate yourself from enslavement to the global economic system.


Often we ask, is the way we live really the way we want to live? But do we stop to question whether our lives reflect who we are deep inside? Many sense, at a subconscious level, that they don't. How can they, when we live in a time of such faithless, fearful economic systems? Yet what do we do about it?

Peter Strother explores these questions by confronting the psychological schism and alienation of our times. He goes directly into our homes and work places; our collective mindsets and everyday addictions, our personal identities and personal relationships. Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools seeks to guide us in empowering and daring directions using original, diverse approaches, finally re-connecting us to the spiritual source of who we are.


This book, as the title suggests, addresses the question of identity and its levels and hence the way we live. The author argues strongly for our identity as spiritual beings and our capacity to reconnect with the Source and in this way liberate ourselves from the enslavement implied by the capitalistica ttention economy. It does so in a series of chapters addressing birth, separation, the collective, addiction, confronting death, faith, empowerment and the spiritual life. Each chapter contains some reflections, illustrative parables bringing the themes to life, and a more contemplative section. He is surely right that many of us are cut off from the deeper aspects of ourselves, and he shows how we can open these up and escape the distractions and manipulations of the system, also spending time in silence. It is a powerful affirmation and reminder of the primacy of the spiritual rooted in mystical activism. ~ Paradigm Explorer

A book which resonates with our times with so many more of us questioning whether our value systems and priorities have been swamped or lost altogether in the relentless pursuit of economic gain above other life goals. Not a coincidence today that mental health challenges are soaring or that so many millennials are opting for very different paths than their parents and grandparents as they reset their life compass to what really matters. Peter Strother's book is exhortative, witty, searching and very accessible. While never shirking the big questions, SBoET is also a highly entertaining read with plenty of pace changes and is punctuated throughout by a series of illuminating narrative stories which help bring the big issues colourfully to life into our everyday experience. A thought provoking and timely publication. ~ David Gilbertson, Amazon

Peter Strother has written a truly original and illuminating evocation of how we can change: not just by finding our true Spiritual selves but by then going on to transform society through challenging the very economic and philosophical assumptions that underpin capitalism. Through a unique blend of analysis and dramatisation, Peter has brought alive our struggle for ultimate understanding and freedom that we all face today. ~ Stephen Richter, Journalist, Musician, BA (Hons) History and European Philosophy

This is a perceptive, thought-provoking and timely book with real substance to it. Peter Strother's analysis of our current situation will resonate with many readers, who will be grateful for a literate description of inner and outer landscapes that is both accurate and original. His naming of a spiritual malaise and his commitment to finding a way out of it will elicit many unspoken or shouted amens. ~ Ron Ferguson, Columnist, novelist, author of the best-selling biography of George MacLeod

Peter Strother's writing is powerful, challenging and yet deeply comforting, speaking to our time - a time when many lives are confused and uncertain. It has a real ring of truth about it, relating to the situation many people find themselves in today. Globalisation and technology have brought the human race great possibilities but also increased our vulnerability, creating a restless generation which Peter addresses in his book with insight and tenderness. It is a book for those who believe in God and those who find any kind of belief almost impossible. Many will find in it a real sense of hope for their lives. Peter is a gifted writer with much to say and I hope this book is widely valued. ~ Dr. Peter Millar, best-selling author of books on spirituality and global issues, including A Time to Mend

Peter Strother has written an ambitious, original and utterly honest book of real power that could not be more timely. Rich with humanity and colour, particularly within its parables, it will resonate within the hearts of its readers with regards to the predicament so many of us find ourselves in today. Confronting head on the economic mindset that increasingly prevails throughout society, Peter pours light into the spirituality and humanity at the heart of us that alone offer genuine liberation and hope in the days ahead. ~ Howard Edge, Amazon

This is a challenging book for our times which poses questions which we often leave unasked but niggle at our subconscious. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in exploring an alternative path to that which we often feel trapped. ~ Wallie, Amazon

For centuries people of wisdom have realised that there is more to life than simply accumulating material possessions, but there is something within most (all?) of us which ignores this, and gets caught up in materialism even as we deplore it. Peter Strother has given us a timely reminder of the value - even the necessity - of recognising our spiritual nature, and of nourishing it. He has found an original voice and a fresh approach to ancient truths. We would all benefit from heeding Peter`s encouragement to return to a more spirit-centred life, and our society would also be immeasurably enriched. ~ Big Jim, Amazon

Peter Strother
Peter Strother Peter Strother is a writer, journalist and campaigning spiritual activist, whose firm conviction is that humanity's essentially loving natur...
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