Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth

Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth

The autobiography of an advanced Western seeker; a wild journey towards Enlightenment that includes many out-of-body experiences.


Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth is the story of the author's burning quest for Enlightenment which has taken him to the frightening depths and astounding heights of spiritual experience. Written in dramatic style, with many sections of entertaining dialogue and vivid descriptions of his numerous shamanic journeys, this book is as entertaining as a novel, the only difference being that every word of it is true.


"Spiritual Experiments" is an amazing spiritual autobiography, which rings true to the core yet reads like thrilling fiction. Matias Flury takes us on a roller coaster ride of amazing highs and scary lows, from his childhood amid the native Indians of Argentina through pilgrimages in India and meetings with numerous Saints and Enlightened Masters. His personal journey is astonishing; it is rare to hear of such an advanced aspirant, let alone walk with one through his intimate personal journey towards Enlightenment. He brings us through harrowing near-death experiences, samadhi states, shamanic journeys and potent encounters with both angels and demons. This is a spiritual classic, a "must read" for anyone interested in the spiritual path. ~ Ram Das Batchelder, author of "Rising in Love"

“Spiritual Experiments” is a treasure trove of unique spiritual, psychic and physical experiences, and some very clear elaborations of details. And it is, additionally, a real thriller, describing vividly the encounters with astral phenomena, including demons during exorcisms. We all come from heaven, even if it’s a long time ago, and each of us are indeed zillion-faceted universes, in which we can play, dramatize, experiment and experience. “Spiritual Experiments” demonstrates this God-given human freedom with great authenticity. Thank you, Matias Flury! ~ P. Padam Singh, professional translator and Professor of German at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetam University

“Spiritual Experiments” is a memoir filled with amazing experiences and profound insights. This book is destined to become a classic in the mold of Gopi Krishna's autobiography, “Kundalini,” that did so much to introduce the idea of spiritual awakening to the West. Matias Flury takes us from his childhood in the pristine mountains of Argentina, schooled by shamans, through near death experiences, terrible diseases, the beaches of Costa Rica, love and marriage to a beautiful American women, to meetings with many enlightened souls, including many unknown saints. Matias opens himself up to the reader, sharing intimate emotions and challenges that many true seekers of enlightenment will eventually deal with. We also get to experience vicariously the body sensations, insights, spiritual battles, and blissful states that the road to enlightenment passes through. His meetings with his many remarkable teachers are described in detail, and thus this book also contains much deep philosophy and is a text from which to learn true spiritually and gain inspiration. In this respect it reminds me of Gurdjeiff's "Meetings with Remarkable Men", and since Matias Flury promises more writings in the future, this book may be the start of sequence of remarkable books describing a modern revelation of the truth. With this book, Matias Flury, already a well known teacher and author of books on Hatha Yoga, is clearly on his way to becoming a spiritual teacher in a broader sense. Overall the book is easy and fun to read and sure to be popular among all those interested in the spiritual quest. ~ Kim Griest, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of California at San Diego

“Spiritual Experiments” provides us with the experience of the urban disciple on his path to self discovery and enlightenment. The author has unashamedly set out his experiences with meditation, fasting and shamanic journeys through various yogic realms. He questions his identity and his sanity whilst undertaking extreme fasting, and extreme meditative and breathing practices, all the while surviving in the modern world. The author explores his senses, his bodily experience and the mind, and then goes beyond the body to experience himself as a particle, and finally beyond consciousness itself, exploring himself as separated from the whole, in communion with the whole and in oneness with the whole. He assures us that spiritual daylight will be present when we have passed through the dark night of the soul, as St Teresa of Avilla speaks of it, and that one can continue on this journey although it sometimes appears as though all hope is lost. I am not sure how many people are brave enough to take up this kind of challenge, so we have to thank the author for sharing his experience, and ultimately we look forward to gaining more understanding of ourselves through the practices he has shared in this remarkable book. ~ Barbara Thurogood, MSc, MA

This book is a journey in itself – and into oneself. While following the moving and interesting stories of Matias’ personal life, we make a voyage into the spiritual path he followed; we meet his teachers and masters, we follow their advice and guidance, and receive the most important aspects of his learning and teaching. It is a sweet visit to the deepest questions of human life, and a precious reminder that the purpose of every human life is to find our true Self, to realize the truth of our simple nature. Although I know this writer as a spiritual guide and extremely profound yoga teacher, reading his personal journey opened my heart to the unknown, to that magical space that goes beyond what the eyes can see, but that most of us have experienced one way or the other. Matias brings this to life by showing how he explored these realms with the eyes of a child, with curiosity and awe. This book is an inspiration for us to transcend the surface of life and touch the deepest source within us. To realize that it doesn´t matter which circumstances we are going through, physically and/or emotionally, there is always a door open to that magic of life that inevitably guides us into the center of our being, if we only open our eyes, our hearts, our ears. This is what Matias has done, and it is a pleasure to follow him through his journey to awakening. The techniques his guides gave him are well explained, and shared here with generosity, so we ourselves can follow them and practice them. This book is an eye opener to a world that goes beyond reality as we know it. And since Matias includes his marriage in the book, we are allowed to enter into the intimacy of a beautiful couple while they walk the path of life, of love and of service. The devotion to their guru Amma, and their connection with this powerful energy, seems to be the rock on which they rest. A beautiful example of self-discovery and beauty. ~ Shanti Vidya, University Professor/Faculty advisor, Peace educator and Mediator

"Spiritual Experiments" is aptly titled, for the author is on an awesome, never-ending spiritual adventure, and has apparently tried almost EVERYTHING. His story is full of seeming wrong turns that end up with amazing spiritual wisdom from innumerable sources. He had powerful glimpses of awakening even in childhood, and then experience with martial arts, severe illnesses, medication, meditation, fasting (54days on water – culminating in an amazing samadhi experience), South American spiritualism, fighting demonic entities, and meetings with several impressive Indian & Tibetan sages. He now has a powerful capacity for deep meditation – sitting for up to 15 hrs without a break. He has received many lessons and profound inner guidance from a living master, Mata Amritanandamayi (the ‘hugging saint’), who is an incarnation of selfless Love, not to mention an amazing humanitarian. This is a wonderful book! ~ Anatol Zinchenko, PhD in Physics, long-time practitioner of TM meditation

Matius Flurry is truly an extraordinary man; he emanates the powerful energy of Spirit in human form. “Spiritual Experiments” chronicles his life and path, taking us on a dramatic adventure through mind-blowing shamanic journeys, intense suffering, the blessings of numerous saints, and unforgettable spiritual experiences. This precious book provides insights that will help bring each of us closer to finding contentment, compassion and the light within. ~ Lee Stein, Prize Capital Chairman, Co-founder of the Southern California chapter of Environmental Entrepreneurs

Matias Flury
Matias Flury Born in Argentina and raised by a series of Native Indian nannies, Matias Flury had his first samadhi experience when he was just a boy. In ...
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