Spiritual Medicine

Spiritual Medicine

7 Spiritual Potions to Heal Your Life

Let your Soul transform your relationships, health, work and family life, enabling you to live a deeply fulfilling and happy life.


This book shares deep spiritual wisdom helping you to connect more fully with your Soul’s divine guidance and wisdom. It administers 7 Spiritual Medicine Potions that will provide the foundation for a deep inner peace to flow like a healing balm into your life. This inner peace will enable you to hear, see, feel and understand your Soul’s guidance more clearly. This is an invaluable asset, as this becomes the Divine GPS, which can guide you through any difficulty and find solutions to any problem you are faced with. Connecting with your own personal Divine GPS will lead you to inner happiness, love and fulfilment as it helps you fulfil your Soul’s purpose here on Earth.


As a young woman, Cissi Williams found herself sinking deeper and deeper into personal despair. Finding something Universal to hang on to was a matter of survival. Three New Consciousness classics (Louise Hay’s The Power is Within You, Gerald Jampolsky’s Love is the Answer, and Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualisation) showed her where to find a lifeline. She continued reading, listening to tapes, and meditating. Gradually her depression lifted, and eventually, so did her bulimia. Writing about that kind of spiritual healing became her new career goal. Her first step towards that goal was a degree in osteopathic medicine. Then she trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As she began working with clients, she began writing about what she was discovering. Now she has put her accumulated wisdom into a handbook. She has created seven, simply-worded Spiritual Potions (i.e., Silence Your Mind, Follow Your Heart’s Wisdom), followed by a Seven-Day Spiritual Detox Plan (i.e., Love is Heaven, Let me trust in God today). Let customers know that this one is lovingly realistic in its goals and truly easy to understand. It will be a ray of sunshine for those who want to make their lives happier but don’t have a clue how to do that. ~ Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing insight

This book is an outstanding Manual in the Art of living a Soulful way. In finding your own inner voice and cultivating all those virtues that bring true love, joy and happiness in life. It verbalizes and substantiates what might be "airy" for some people, thereby opening up the field to anyone wanting to live a true life. The author adresses the obstacles and the "soul"utions, making it very inspiring and loving. This book is truly an uplifting experience - and I highly recommend it! Sanna Ehdin Anandala, PhD and author of 12 health books ~

A powerful, step-by-step guide for helping you heal by creating a simple yet powerful shift in your consciousness. Finally a ''medicine'' without the side-effects and yet full of life changing benefits!' Birkan Tore, author of Rise and Shine, intuitive coach and spiritual teacher ~

I have worked with and practised the lessons as laid out here in Spiritual Medicine. This books shows us how to 'metaphorically' step aside, and allow spirit to guide us, educate us, heal us and present those things that 'complete' us. My own lessons have resulted in changes in every area of my life, and as I write this I am 3 weeks away from getting married after 18 years of being single. When my head has said 'no' but my heart has said 'yes' I have trusted it. The result; happiness beyond anything I have ever experienced before and I am so grateful. Thinking of buying this book? from me to you... do it! Karrin Lawrence NLP Trainer and Management Coach ~

Cissi Williams
Cissi Williams Cissi Williams is a NLP Trainer, Transformational Soul Coach, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, Osteopath and Naturopath specialising in Spir...
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