Spiritual Mind, The

Spiritual Mind, The

A journey into awareness

Shows spiritual thinkers, regardless of religious background, how to move from one mind state and how to reconnect with their inner spiritual power.


We are all susceptible to negative external influences, but hidden within each of us is a spiritual power that is waiting to be rediscovered.

In this insightful and practical book, based on the author’s personal reflections and life-long experience as a pupil and teacher of spirituality, Jim Ryan presents a unique examination of the mind as it is now, together with practical ways to develop a more spiritual way of thinking and being.
Firstly, he shows you how to recognize and change the five negative states of mind: the stone mind, the hollow mind, the coral mind, the fragrant mind and the sponge mind. Then he sets out the pathway to change, helping you to rediscover nine positive mind states, including the wisdom mind, the love mind, the divine mind and ultimately the angelic mind.
Aimed at all spiritual thinkers, regardless of religious background, this book shows you how to move from one mind state and how to reconnect with your inner spiritual power.

Jim Ryan
Jim Ryan Jim Ryan Jim has been a teacher, HR trainer and management consultant.. He is also student and teacher of meditation and spiritual philosoph...

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