Stepping Outside the Secrets: A Spiritual Journey from Sexual Abuse to Inner Peace

Stepping Outside the Secrets: A Spiritual Journey from Sexual Abuse to Inner Peace

A psychologist's remarkable journey from severe sexual abuse to a life of deep spirituality and service.


Stepping Outside the Secrets is a memoir/self-help book about a psychologist's triumph over betrayals, secrets and sexual abuse, with all their devastating consequences, and her emergence into a life of deep spirituality and service.


"This book celebrates the strength of the human spirit. It is an act of great courage to commit to your own inner truth. To step outside our secrets is perhaps the most powerful path (yoga) toward becoming a fully free, spiritually evolved person. Through her life and shared experience, Dr. Hodge models this path. Besides a fascinating read, the reader will find in her book a compelling invitation to enter their own journey of self discovery". ~ Allyn Roberts, Ph.D., Director, Clinical Services, Omega Psychology Center

A gut-wrenching and inspiring story of a psychologist's journey from severe sexual abuse to spiritual awareness. Hodge's search ranges from exploration of past lives and Native American spirituality to the 12-step program and ancient philosophies, leading her to peace, forgiveness, love and service. A compelling and engrossing story filled with twists and turns that kept me reading". ~ Palma Richardson, author of I Remember Alice

One woman's courageous awakening from a pattern of sexual abuse initiated by her father. In recounting her story, Dr. Hodge provides her readers with a guidebook to self acceptance and forgiveness. Highly recommended. ~ Caron Goode, Ed.D., author, Nurture Your Child's Gift: Inspired Parenting

Elaine A. Hodge
Elaine A. Hodge Dr. Hodge is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Prescott, Arizona. Previously, she founded and directed a Holistic ...

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