Stillness on Shaking Ground

Stillness on Shaking Ground

A Woman's Himalayan Journey Through Love, Loss, and Letting Go

A woman's high-adventure Himalayan journey through love, loss, and letting go.


Determined to hang prayer flags at Mt. Everest Base Camp, Olivia trekked through Tibet while under the scrutiny of Communist China. She survived earthquakes, landslides, and a middle-of-the-night hijacking while enroute to a remote village in Nepal. Confronted with her own sense of meaning, she went toe-to-toe with the suffering, challenges, and decisions that all beings face, which included the capacity to love and let go.


A riveting adventure during perilous times that takes you deep into the human heart and Himalayan culture. A must-read. ~ Romio Shrestha, bestselling author and artist, Celestial Gallery

Stunning... Tibet, Nepal, and the majestic Himalayas speak to us through Stillness on Shaking Ground: A Woman’s Himalayan Journey Through Love, Loss, and Letting Go, directing us to our own unlimited power to endure, heal, and grow. ~ Billie Woods & Deborah Schmidt, Suite Journey (Tibet, Land of MyTears)

Carol A. Wilson
Carol A. Wilson Carol A. Wilson received a Ph.D. in Health Education from the University of Utah and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Psychol...

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