Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being

Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being

By Trusting Your Soul's Inner Guidance

This book will show you how you can manifest your dreams in such a way that you are able to create your most amazing destiny ever.


Would you like to wake up in the morning filled with happiness, enthusiasm and an abundance of life-energy?
Would you like to know how you can focus this inner energy in such a way that your dreams can make the journey from being just an idea to becoming actual manifestation in your present life?
Would you like to learn how to tune into, and trust, your Soul’s guidance?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you, as it will show you how you can make your dreams come true - by supercharging them with life-energy – and then focus this energy in such a way that you are able to bring your Soul’s dreams into being. In this way you start to create your most amazing life ever – a life where you know how to tune into the wisdom from your Soul, allowing it to guide you on the path your Soul wants you to take.


This wonderful book gives new clarity to the different aspects of the Laws of Manifestation (Mind, Soul and Karma), so you can easier navigate through the different storms Life may bring. It will also reveal the secrets of surrendering you dreams to a higher divine consciousness, for you to allow your Soul's unique gifts to flow through you and out into the world. This book shows you how co-creation can become an effortless and magical experience! ~ Colette Baron-Reid, Intuitive Coach ®, Bestselling author of The Map, Founder of the Master Intuitive Coach Institute

Cissi creates this easy to follow pathway that will help you manifest your dreams into reality in the most holistic way: by including the mind, body, your energy and Karma. You will find various exercises and tips for raising your energy, helping you reconnect with your soul and indeed supercharging your manifesting process! ~ Birkan Tore, Spiritual Teacher and author of Rise and Shine

Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being is a book that has depth, wisdom and includes a step-by-step guide to how you can bring your dreams into reality. This book looks deeper into the concept of the Laws of Attraction and brings a multi-dimensional metaphysical explanation of what may be stopping your dreams from coming to life. I am living proof that the information contained in this book works! All you have to do is to follow your heart, do the work, surrender your dreams to a higher divine consciousness and allow your Soul to guide you. When you do, miracles happen! It worked for me and it can work for you too! ~ Karrin Simpson, NLP Trainer, Leadership and Management Coach

Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being is a step-by-step guide helping you achieve the life your Soul longs for you to experience. It will show you how you can optimize the energy you need to manifest your dreams, and how to identify and release the blocks that stop you from creating the life you want. This book helps you to understand the metaphysics and the spiritual connection in our lives in a very easy and accessible way. Cissi is not just a wonderful coach and teacher who turns peoples lives into magic, she is now also able to transfer that knowledge to even more people with this inspiring book. Get it, read it and allow its magic to be brought into your life! ~ LOTTA CARLSSON, Head of Operational Efficiency at Ericsson AB

I've known Cissi for some time and if there is anyone that can write a book about following your inner guidance making your dreams come alive, it's Cissi! This book is not to be missed. It certainly helped me when I felt stuck and needed that extra push. ~ Janique Svedberg, Recovery and Relationship Coach, former member of Kid Creole and the Coconuts

Cissi Williams
Cissi Williams Cissi Williams is a NLP Trainer, Transformational Soul Coach, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, Osteopath and Naturopath specialising in Spir...
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